University of Toronto Library.  Library Council.

Minutes, May 19, 1999
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: G. Bravo, V. Chase, A. Cheng, J. Clark, P. Clinton, S. Cozzi, M. Cummins, D. D'Agostino, E. Fillion, E. Granatstein, G. Grof, C. Jaffray, L. Langford, M. Lee, A. Masters, L. McNair, C. Moore, S. Newman, J. Raic, E. Schlauch, J. Snow, C. Socknat, S. Stone, A. U, K. Weaver
Regrets: S. Crotty, J. Desjardins, V. Downs, B. Edwards, G. Garlock, E. Goettler, T. Guardia, S. Hawrychuk, R. Healey, R. Holder, E. Houtman, J. Leishman, K. Martyn, C. Murray, M. Press, M. Rosenstock, W. Sydorenko, A. Thierry-Broad, K. Turko, L. Ulanday, I. Wagle
Guests: S. Brown
Next Meeting Thursday, September 30, 1999
2nd floor Conference Room
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Robarts Library

  1. Minutes of the meeting on May 19, 1999

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report [C. Moore]

  4. Sub-Committee on Committees - report
    a) Task Force on Replacement Policies and Procedures -
    [E. Fillion]**
    b) Dissolution of Committee on Bibliographic Access *
    c) Membership of EIRC

  5. Annual reports
    a) Library Services for Persons with Disabilities - [I. Wagle]
    b) Staff Development - [A. Broad]

  6. Question Period:
    Gabriele Grof - "I understand that some material at Gerstein has been damaged by mold. Can you give us the details of this present problem and tell us what measures are in place to prevent a similar incident in the future?" (Karen Turko to respond)


  1. Minutes of the meeting of April 21, 1999:

    Accepted as written

  2. Business arising


  3. Chief Librarian's report

    C. Moore updated the Committee on CFI and the National Site Licensing. Carole reported that the presentation to reviewers appeared to have been well received and that the results of whether or not we will receive funding will not be known until the end of June. There are many factors which will influence the outcome. A proposal included in the Ontario budget was a new Innovation Trust Fund which would provide matching funding from the province. The results of the provincial election may determine the final outcome.

  4. Sub-committee on Committees

    Membership of Task Force on Services at a Distance. E. Fillion reported that the membership of the Committee is now complete. S. Langlands and P. Clinton have both decided to serve on the Committee themselves. Perry Hall ( Access and Information), K. Weaver ( Information Technology Services) and Helen Michael (Resource Sharing) have been appointed. Elinor further reported that Sharon Brown would call the first meeting as soon as possible.

  5. "Raising our Sights" Self Study and Plan.

    C. Moore reported on "Raising our Sights" Self- Study and Plan. Carole gave a brief background into what led to the draft document and stressed that it is still very much an ongoing process. Using the Table of Contents page as her guide, Carole reviewed each of the major areas that had been covered in the plan. She concluded by requesting that any comments or suggestions that staff might have be sent in to her office by the end of May. She hopes to bring back to Library Council a more detailed plan in October 1999.

  6. Acquisitions Users' Group:

    L. McNair stated that he had no other information to add to the Report. He did point out the addition of two new members: Eveline Houtman (DMGIS) and Stephanie Swift (OISE/UT).

    Serials Users Group: C. Socknat reported that the Group had met many times during the past year. One issue that was of concern was the accuracy of Claims reports. The investigation of this problem has resulted in the reduction of the error rate from 50 % to only 5%.

    Instructionion Library Use: S. Newman stated that in addition to what was written in the report there had been much more active participation from college libraries this year. She mentioned that one goal of the Committee is to have an Open House later in the year.

  7. Question Period:

    Experience at many public service desks indicates that there is an increasing problem with missing books in various stack collections. (from Jane Clark)

    1) What are the current procedures in place for the replacement of missing books? Is it time for these procedures to be re considered? - M. Rosenstock

    2) What is current practice regarding stocktaking in the main stack collections? Particularly in view of the recent user survey, should new procedures be developed? - L. Langford

    Jane Clark explained what had led to the raising of the questions. She stated that during a three month period she had asked for data to be collected to assess the question of the missing books. L. Langford and M. Lee (who responded for M. Rosenstock) explained the current procedure. The system which is now in place is basically that Access and Information does an initial search and a subsequent search after a six month period. Replacement requests are then batched, searched in Books in Print and sent to Collection Development for processing. Discussion followed. One major problem pointed out was the lack of funds to replace all missing items. Another was the difficulty of replacing items that have gone out of print. Alternative solutions, i.e. exploring different internet sites and possible digitization of material were discussed. It was decided that the Sub-committee on Committees should strike a Task Force to examine the c urrent practice of shelf reading/stock taking, to explore the funding issue for replacements and to update procedures as needed.

  8. Other business:


The meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

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