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Minutes of Library Council

May 27th, 1998, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: S. Brown, J. Clark, E. Collins, s. Cozzi, D. D'Agostino, B. Edwards, E. Fillion, E. Granatstein, R. Healey, M. Lee, L. McNair, C. Moore, A. Rae, M. Rosenstock, S. Stone, K. Turko, A. U.
Absent/Regrets: E. Aer, G. Bravo, A. Cheng, M. Cummins, V. Downs, R. Gocht, G. Grof, C. Jaffray, J. Leishman, N. Leiws, K. Martyn, C. Matthews, J. Mendelsohn, C. Murray, S. Newman, I. Prociuk, J. Raic, E. Schlauch, J. Snow, W. Sydorenko, A. Thierry-Broad, L. Ulanday, I. Wagle
Guests: L. Avison, P. Clinton, J. DesJardins, L. Langford, K. McMorrow, C. Socknat


  1. Minutes of the May 27th meeting

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Sub-committee on Committees - E. Fillion

  5. Committee on Instruction in Library Use - S. Newman
    [Annual Report]

  6. Task Force on Personal Safety & Security - D. D'Agostino

  7. Smart Card Extension - A. Cheng

  8. ask Force on Brittle Materials - K. Turko
    [Revised Report]

  9. Materials Processing Implementation Team - Serials Project - E. Schlauch

  10. Other Business
Minutes of the meeting of April 29, 1998:
Minutes were accepted as prepared.
Business arising from the minutes:
Membership and terms of reference for the committee for Library Services to persons with disabilities can be found in LAC Memorandum #23. More work will be done on the appointed member section; when completed, the memo will be re-issued. Susan Cozzi reported on the question of annuals. All CHIM tapes have now been loaded. Michael Rosentsock reported on the question of Microfilming from the last meeting; the estimated cost would be about $1,000 per year or $5,000 for six years. He contacted the Varsity about the possibility of an electronic database and he has had no response so far. Michael will investigate further.
Chief Librarian's report:
The Chief Librarian reported that it will be the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Robarts Library and Thomas Fisher Library this year. A few ideas on events to recognize this will be mentioned at the second annual retired staff tea tomorrow. The Development office is still looking for a few suggestions. Yesturday, a tree planting in honour of Claude Bissell took place; his leadership was instrumental. Carole also encouraged all staff to participate in any staff development activities this summer.
Sub-committee on Committees:

Elinor distributed a document to council. The committee has existed for years, but there has never been any documentation until now. Membership and terms of reference were accepted by council.
Task Force on Brittle Materials:
Karen Turko reviewed the report with the council. She reminded everyone that the original material is never discarded and always returned to the stacks. Another point made was that the material is never damaged as it is reformatted and that it never looks any different when the work is completed. It was felt that it was still valid to pursue microform copies until copies are available in digital form. As a result of the lengthy discussions, it was decided that certain changes be made to the report to include the concerns discussed at the meeting. The entire task force will meet with the Chief Librarian before the next meeting. The revised report will be brought forward to the next Library Council meeting on June 12.
Annual reports - Serials Users Group:
Carmen Socknat reported that two meetings had been held. They reviewed the terms of reference. The Group plans to consult with other committees and groups to solve the problems of training, problem solving and cataloguing. Sub-groups will be formed to focus on specific issues. Report was accepted by council.

Question period:
Lachlan Mcnair - "In February 1997, you said that, as a test site, we would have input into the development of the new Web 2 version of DRA. Please give us an update on what has been happening. Is it an integrated system or only a new OPAC? Is it a major improvement over Web 1? Peter Clinton reported that in general, the status of web 2 DRA is that we are on its third or fourth release of the web software, there are libraries which have already implemented it, but he felt that it was not ready as deficiencies still remain especially in the way things are displayed, including functional aspects of it. Basic work has been completed on the redesign, so it will match the look of the other library web pages. Peter indicated that it has some very strong features and hopes to have it at the desktop in the middle of the summer. It has the ability to conduct precise searching. This will enable users to receive lists of all titles buy inputting subjects, then go to reference and citations. There will also be greater flexibility to be able to modify ways in which citations are placed on the screen. Over the summer, the Reference Services group will look over the look and feel of web 2. It should be ready in September. Some members felt they would like to see how it looks and feels before September also. There was some concern about switching from keyboard usage to a mouse. Peter stressed that the use of a mouse will be required. Peter mentioned that as part of the implementation of web 2, they will be introducing a lynks version which will operate with the lynks browser, which will provide the low level support, but that the capabilities will not be as rich in terms of navigation or display of information to the user. Carole added that DRA is behind its original schedule in terms of implementation. Their recent newsletter answers many questions, copies will be sent out to department heads and campus libraries, which address the questions and concerns of the council. Another meeting can also be held in September on this subject.
Other business:

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m

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