Agenda and Minutes of Library Council May 29, 2002

Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday, May 29, 2002, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.

Present: Brown, S., Clark, J., Cozzi, S. (Chair), DeDiego, I., Devakos, R., Fleming, D., Grof, G., Healey, R., Leishman, J., McArthur, L., McLeod, D., McNair, L., Ruscillo, M., Schlauch, E., Socknat, C., Walker, S., Santeramo, A (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: Chase, V., Cheng, A., Clinton, P., Cummins, M., Dondertman, A., Dorskind, S., Downs, V., Garlock, G. Granatstein, E., Hawrychuk, S. Holder, R., Houtman, E., Jaffray, C., Langlands, S., Masters, A., Murray, C., Newman, S., Sardone, F., Snow, J., Stone, S.

  1. Minutes of the Library Council meeting of April 23, 2002: Acceptance moved. All voted in favour of accepting the Minutes.

  2. Business arising: At the last meeting the Chair had referred to a previous request for clarification on the status of a costing analysis that was undertaken to ascertain resources required in order to fully cataloguing theses. To date, the results of the analysis are unknown. It was suggested that this issue be brought forward to the Chief Librarian at a later point when she returns from leave. The Chair clarified again that the keyword searching proposal was limited to adding a subject heading for keyword retrieval rather than advocating the full cataloguing of theses.

  3. Report of the Acting Chief Librarian: Joan Leishman reported on behalf of Judy Snow. The Great Library Service training forms are still being collected. They will be analyzed and it may possible to report findings at the next Library Council meeting. Most surveys have been returned. There was nothing new to report on the subject of the budget. The focus at the moment is on the SIRSI implementation.

  4. SIRSI Update: The Chair provided a report on behalf of Peter Clinton

    1. Circulation Implementation: Implementation Team members have received training from a SIRSI trainer. An additional pool of staff trainers will be trained shortly. There are 10 staff members on the implementation team. The training pool will be augmented by several non-Implementation Team members in order to address the challenge of large numbers of staff requiring SIRSI circulation training.
    2. Serials Implementation: Edward Schlauch and Carmen Socknat are working with SIRSI in order to migrate the serials database.
    3. Acquisitions Implementation: Acquisitions staff will communicate with SIRSI staff in order to support the migration of the acquisitions data.
    4. Cataloguing Implementation: Training has been received by SIRSI and training content for staff sessions is being finalized. A SIRSI feature called SMARTPORT that supports the derivation of catalogue records from a variety of sources is being examined in order to determine how cataloguing staff can make the best use of it.
    5. OPAC Implementation: the OPAC Implementation Team members continue to consider a number of issues with regard to the public interface.
    6. Policy Files: policy information is being refined for types of information such as Library Names, Location Names, Item Types, etc. June 7th is the deadline for completion of Policy decisions prior to migration.
    7. Documentation: implementation team members are experimenting with the SIRSI system functionality and are developing training materials.
    8. Final Data Migrations: a copy of the bibliographic and item data from DRA will be extracted shortly for loading and indexing into the SIRSI environment. Circulation transactions and serials and acquisitions data will follow.
    9. Workflow: all implementation teams are looking at issues of workflow.
    10. Reports: those currently in DRA are being evaluated in order to determine their continued desirability in SIRSI.
    11. Catalogue Card Production: alternate software for the production of cards is being sourced.

    Questions arising:

    Will all the SIRSI functions be available? The Chair confirmed that they would.

    When will precise dates become available for OPAC availability? It was confirmed that the catalogue will always be available but the cataloguing function itself will need to be suspended for a short period of time. The DRA catalogue will be available until bibliographic and item record information has been migrated to SIRSI.

    The Chair added that there would be approximately 3 weeks during which serials check-in will not be done, as it will be necessary to allow for a period of test record review prior to the final serials control record load.

  5. Acquisitions Users' Group - Annual Report: Lachlan reported that this group had not actually met. E-mail was used to solicit input to the RFI process. There is no written report. The Users' Group may undergo recomposition due to the migration to SIRSI . A list of members will be considered by the Library Council Steering Committee.

  6. Reference Services Committee - Annual Report: Stephanie Walker reviewed the report with Council. The current list of membership was distributed to Council for their information as many changes had occurred. Stephanie moved acceptance of the Committee's Annual Report. All present voted in favour of its acceptance.

  7. Serials Users' Group - Annual Report: Carmen Socknat noted that the group is evolving in that originally it was formed for the purpose of troubleshooting problems with DRA. Now there are many larger issues such as the possible concatenation of serials. The membership may change according to priorities and interest of this group.

    Question arising:

    Is there any update on the MARC Holdings Format? Carmen reported no information at the moment. Bibliographic records are being migrated, but the migration of the summary holdings and note fields is still in development and testing. It is felt that it is important to get as many fields as possible into the standard field codes.

    Carmen moved acceptance of the Committee's Annual Report. All members present voted in favour of its acceptance.

  8. Electronic Information Resources Committee - Replacement Member: the Chair reported that Stephanie Walker's secondment to UTSC had ended. The Library Council Steering Committee recommended that Marla Miller replace Stephanie as the UTSC representative on the Electronic Information Resources Committee. Council accepted this recommendation.

  9. Other business:

    Recomposition of Existing Users' Group: It was noted that it may be necessary to review the membership and terms of reference of the various users groups in view of the migration to the SIRSI system. The Library Council Steering Committee will look into this. The Chair asked for ideas to be forwarded to any Steering Committee member.

    June 25, 2002 hold date: Since there are no annual reports at this time and if there are no agenda items, this meeting will be cancelled. If anyone has any agenda items, please forward them to the Chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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