Library Council
University of Toronto Central Library System

Acquisitions Users Group

Library Council Memorandum #16
October 8, 1996

To: Library Council Members
From: M. Lee, Chair, Library Council

I. This is a standing committee of the Library Council

II. Membership


Head, Collection Development

Head, Materials Processing

Manager, Local System
Appointed Members:

Collection Development 1

Order 1

Bibliographical Processing 1

Serials 1

Rare Books 1

Audiovisual Library 1

Reference Services Committee 1

Each campus library or unit using the DRA Acquisitions module. 1
Members shall be appointed by heads of their department or unit to serve one year terms. They may be reappointed. They shall elect their chair annually.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To serve as a forum for the exchange of information related to the acquisitions module.

  2. To monitor the ongoing implementation of the Acquisitions module in all locations.

  3. To recommend policy decisions on matters relating to the use of the module.

  4. To evaluate changes and improvements in the Acquisitions software and to make recommendations regarding implementation.

  5. To forward suggestions to DRA regarding improvements to the Acquisitions software.

  6. To meet as often as required, but not less than 2 times per year and to report to Library Council each year in May

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