Standing Commitees of Library Council

University of Toronto Central Library System

Electronic Information Resources Committee

Library Council Memorandum #18
February 20, 1997

To: Library Council Members
From: M. Lee, Chair, Library Council

I. This is a standing committee of the Library Council

II. Membership

Head, General Reference Department, Robarts
Electronic Information Resources Coordinator
Director of Information Technology Services
Reference & Research Coordinator, Gerstein

One person from each of the following:
Selector, Collection Development (Sciences) - 1
Selector, Collection Development (Social Sciences & Humanities) - 1
OISE/UT representative - 1
Materials Processing Department - 1
Other Central Library Representatives - 2
Scarborough Library - 1
Erindale Library - 1
Other Council of Campus libraires (in consultation with COCL) - 3

Members other than ex-officio shall be appointed by the Sub-committee on Committees for a period of two years with the possibility of reappointment. Science and social sciences & humanities should be equitably represented when making this selection. Members will elect their own chair annually.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee and maintain library policy for the acquiring, storing, preserving and providing access to electronic information resources..
  2. To recommend to the Chief Librarian the acquisition of appropriate databases for networking systemwide.
  3. To ensure that technical expertise is developed and maximized in each library department/section and that strong communication links between Information Technology Services and all departments/sections are maintained.
  4. To report to the Library Council annually, in March, and as necessary.

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