Standing Commitees of Library Council

University of Toronto Central Library System

Electronic Information Resources Committee

Library Council Memorandum #18
April 2006

To: Library Council Members
From: Sharon Dyas-Correia, Chair, Library Council
Re: Electronic Information Resources Committee

I. The Electronic Information Resources Committee is a standing committee of the Library Council.

II. Membership

Director, Collection Development, UTL - 1
Coordinator of Digital Acquisitions, CDD - 1
Head, Reference and Research Services, Robarts Library - 1
Reference & Research Coordinator, Gerstein Science Information Centre - 1
Electronic Information Resources Co-ordinator, ITS - 1
Director of Information Technology Services - 1

Selector, Collection Development Department (Sciences) - 1
Selector, Collection Development Department (Social Sciences & Humanities) - 1
OISE/UT Library - 1
Materials Processing Department, Robarts Library - 1
Other Central Library Representatives - 2
U of T Scarborough Library - 1
U of T Mississauga Library - 1
Other Council of Campus Libraries (in consultation with COCL) - 3

Members shall be appointed by the head of their library or unit to serve a two year term. Members may be reappointed. Science and Social Sciences & Humanities should be equitably represented when appointing members. The Committee shall elect its own chair annually.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee and maintain library policy for the acquisition, storage, preservation and provision of access to electronic information resources.
  2. To recommend to the Chief Librarian the acquisition of appropriate resources for networking system wide.
  3. To liaise with the Collection Development and Management Committee.
  4. To meet regularly, at least 5 times a year.
  5. To report to the Library Council in March each year.

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