Library Council
University of Toronto Central Library System

Library Council Memorandum no. 21:
Task Force on Personal Safety and Security, February 9, 1998

Library Council Memorandum #21
February 9, 1998

To: Library Council Members
From: Maureen Lee, Chair

I. This is a task force of Library Council

II. Membership


Health and Safety Officer, chair
Appointed on recommendation of the Joint Health and Safety Committee:
Gerstein Science Information Centre
(one Union, one Management)

2 representatives
Robarts Library
(one Management, one Union)

2 representatives
(Cheng Yu Tung, Engineering, Fisher, Noranda, OISE/UT, Pharmacy)
(one Union, one Management)
2 representatives

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To meet at least six times over a period of three months to investigate the current personal safety and security of staff and patrons and related programmes and procedures.
  2. To consult widely within the Library, with campus police, and with University's Personal Safety Officer.
  3. To report to Library Council no later that May 27, 1998 recommending programmes and procedures to improve the personal safety and security of staff and patrons in the Library.

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