Library Council
University of Toronto Central Library System

Library Council Memorandum no. 22:
Task Force on Brittle Material, February 25, 1998

To: Library Council Members
From: M. Lee, Chair, Library Council

I. This is a task force of the Library Council

II. Membership


Head, Preservation Department, chair

Project Librarian, Preservation Department
Appointed in consultation with department and committee heads:

Access & Information, Robarts 1

Bibliographic Processing 1

Collection Development, Humanities & Social Sciences 1

Collection Development, Sciences 1

Collections, Gerstein 1

Reference Services Committee, central system member 1

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To review existing policies and practices relating to brittle material in light of technological and organizational changes

  2. To consult widely in the central library system concerning current and anticipated preservation needs

  3. To consult widely concerning questions related to preservation activities.

  4. 4. To report to Library Council no later than April 29, 1998, recommending policies related to brittle material and suggesting solutions to questions related to preservation activities

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