Library Council
University of Toronto Central Library System

Library Council Memorandum no. 24:
Sub-committee on Committees, June 8, 1998

To: Library Council Members
From: M. Lee, Chair, Library Council
Re: Sub-committee on Committees

I. This is a sub-committee of Library Council's Steering Committee

II. Membership

Four members of the Steering Committee appointed by the Chair, with the following representation:
Senior Staff, 1
Librarians, 1
Administrative Staff, 1
Union Staff, 1
Members shall serve one-year terms with reappointment possible. A chair will be appointed each year by the Chair of the Steering Committee, who will consult as appropriate.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To propose membership and terms of reference for all committees and task forces required by Library Council.

  2. To monitor the progress of such committees and task forces as appropriate.

  3. To review existing committees on a regular basis, proposing modifications in membership and terms of reference when necessary, and proposing the dissolution of any committees no longer needed.

  4. To ensure that information regarding the membership and terms of reference of such committees and task forces is made publicly available.

  5. To report to Library Council as necessary and to submit an annual report for the May meeting of Council.

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