Publications Committee

Library Council Memorandum #6

Revised: April 28, 2004 (on web September 13, 2004)

To: Library Council Members
From: S. Cozzi, Chair, Library Council
Re: Publications Committee

I. This is a standing committee of the Library Council

II. Membership

Deputy Chief Librarian
Coordinator, Public Affairs & Patron Relations
Coordinator of Instruction in Library Use
Assistant to Coordinator of Instruction in Library Use
Web Coordinator, ITS
Director, Finance & Administration

Access & Information - 1
Media Commons/East Asian Library/Rare Book Library - 1
Earth Sciences/Engineering & Computer Science - 1
Data, Map & Government Information Services - 1
Gerstein Science Information Centre -1
OISE/UT Library - 1
Representative from COCL - 1
Scotiabank Information Commons - 1

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To assist and advise the Director, Development & Public Affairs in respect to library publications (print and/or electronic) about services/libraries/collections; guides to collections; collections, and guides to collections, by:
    1. a. reviewing existing print and/or electronic library publications as required, and recommending whether these should be revised or reprinted
    2. b. proposing new print and/or electronic library publications which are believed by the Committee to be necessary, and reviewing drafts of these new publications or of those submitted by department hears or other senior staff
    3. c. making recommendations about the print and/or electronic format, print run, and distribution of library publications
    4. d. evaluating designs of print and/or electronic library publications to ensure the necessary consistency of design and a high standard of production
  2. To meet and or communicate as often as required.

  3. To report on activities to the Library Council each November

  4. The Publications Committee has no direct responsibility for other library publications (print and/or electronic), i.e. newsletters; books; annual reports and other "official" publications; souvenir publications; or publications of the Friends. These publications are the responsibility of the Chief Librarian and the Deputy Chief Librarian, who shall seek the assistance and advice of the Publications Committee as necessary. The Director, Development and Public Affairs shall keep the Committee informed of proposals for new publications in these areas.

  5. Signs do not come within the purview of the Publications Committee, but are the responsibility of the Deputy Chief Librarian, and the Director, Finance & Administration Services and the Signage Committee.

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