Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group

Library Council Memorandum #7

June 16, 1994 [rev. November 16, 2004] (on web May 17 20054)

To: Members of Library Council
From: Susan Cozzi, Chair, Library Council
Re: Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group (approved by LC November 24, 2004)

I. The Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group is a standing committee of the Library Council.

II. Membership

Assessor Members:
Database Coordinator
Information Technology Services representative
1 member, each campus library whose records are contributed by the Central Library System

Designated Members:
1 member, each campus library wishing to participate that catalogues and contributes records directly to the on-line union catalogue 4 members (up to 4), Materials Processing (Robarts Library) 1 member, Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
Members are appointed by the head of their library or unit. Members shall serve a one-year term with reappointment possible. Those who cannot attend may send an alternate. They shall elect their own chairperson annually, with the possibility of re-election. Meetings are open to all interested library staff.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. To assist contributors, both as a group and individually, in the utilization of all local system services and functions relating to cataloguing and authorities.
  2. To contribute to the maintenance and development of local policies for cataloguing and coding which are based on international standards.
  3. To advise the Central Library System on database cleanup.
  4. To provide ongoing training and orientation for contributors in the proper use of local system cataloguing and authorities services and functions.
  5. To advise the Central Library System on matters relating to automation which have an impact on the on-line catalogue.
  6. To advise the Central Library System on matters relating to the local system cataloguing module and to recommend improvements and enhancements.
  7. To ensure consistent application of agreed standards so that the integrity of both bibliographic and authority records is maintained.
  8. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas to improve access to information in the on-line union catalogue environment.
  9. To meet from time to time as required, but not less than 6 times per year. To report to Library Council once a year in October.
  10. To report to the Campus Union Catalogue Group meetings and send minutes of the Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group to all campus libraries regardless of representation in the Committee.

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