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Minutes, Wednesday 27 November 1996
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: L. Avison (guest), M. Edmunds (guest), E. Fillion, G. Garlock, E. Granatstein, G. Grof, R. Healey, G. Heaton, S. Hawrychuk (guest), B. Horne, K. Khera, M. Lee, K. McMorrow, L. McNair, K. Martyn, A. Masters, M. Miller, C. Moore, C. Murray (guest), B. Oziewicz, M. Pearson (guest), M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, D. Simos, M. Stevens (guest), S. Stone, K. Turko (guest), A. U (guest), L. Ulanday, P. Uppal.
Absent: E. Aer, J. Clark, M. George, R. Landon, J. Leishman, V. Mueller, M. Roddy, I. Wagle.
Next Meeting Wednesday January 22, 1997
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library



  1. Minutes of the meeting of October 3, 1996

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report (C. Moore)

  4. Subcommittee on Committees report (B. Horne) [Information]

  5. Reference Services Committee motion (E. Collins, Commitee Chair) [Information/Discussion]

    Motion: "Recognizing high levels of frustration, the Reference Services Committee supports adequate on-site printing capability for every terminal at all libraries and downloading capability from all public access personal computers with virus scanning software."

  6. Question Period:
    "Why was the Web interface for UTCat chosen to be at the top of the main menu? Most users find it confusing and cumbersome and need help to find the normal UTCat which they are used to -- it's the second item from the bottom, after e-mail, etc., etc." (Response: P. Clinton)

1. Minutes of the meeting held 23 October 1996
Item #3, para. 2, last sentence to read: "Subject specialists will be consulted about the wording on the screen to alert users about the choices of interface available and their effect on searching." Accepted as corrected.

2. Business arising

3. Chief Librarian's report
C. Moore commented that the Government's White Paper on Higher Education process continues. The final document is expected to be completed December 16. She also mentioned that a budget announcement from the Government is imminent.

4. Sub-Committee on Committees Report
B. Horne moved that M. Roddy, P. Hall, J. Mendelsohn, R. Healey and D. D'Agostino be added to the Staff Training & Development Committee. Duly moved and seconded, the motion was passed.

5. Materials Processing Implementation Team's Final Report
E. Schlauch pointed out the main changes to the previous version of the report. On page 2, there is a brief comment on the impact of materials processing on campus libraries. A larger section on bibliographic processing was added. Regarding listing, a third alternative was added. The team is still receiving comments on the report. The listing stream as described in the report will probably not be implemented. At a future meeting, he will report on steps already being implemented.

C. Moore commented that she has been talking to supervisors in Technical Services about the impact of the changes and about alternatives to brieflisting of foreign- language materials. At this point, she is quite optimistic that material will get to the shelves in three steps: unpacking/invoice checking/barcoding/tattletaping; finding LC record (derived), or bringing in the vendor's record, or creating interim record, and linking; original cataloguing or Fast classification. Material will be on the shelves while improving of record can occur as full records become available. Classification by subject/language specialists will be done with the assistance of staff expertise from other areas.

In reply to a question, C. Moore said that the reorganization of the barcoding operation at Gerstein does not need to wait for the materials processing changes.

E. Schlauch noted that the Team's work is finished and that sub-groups will be working on implementation. Once tasks are defined, staff will be assigned to them. Selectors will assist in determining what material will absolutely receive full cataloguing. An emergency infusion of staff has been requested to deal with the build up in the Parcel Room. It was noted that any solution that will allow browsability of foreign-language material will be a great improvement. It was mentioned that the Library of Congress is not planning to change its antiquated classification system.

M. Lee thanked E. Schlauch and pointed out how useful it had been for this process to have had several drafts of the report brought to the Council.

6. Annual Reports
The reports below were distributed at the meeting.

7. Working Group on Undergraduate Services - Final Report
L. Avison presented the final report of the group and responded to questions. Regarding consultation with student groups, Liz noted that a formal process did not take place in the summer for obvious reasons, but that the report is going to the Advisory Committee on the UTL System which has student representation from SGS, SAC and APUS. It was also felt that it would be more productive to present the report to open the discussion with interested groups. She was interviewed by "The Newspaper", the University College's interviewed by "The Newspaper", the University College's student paper, on this subject. Regarding concern that moving the undergraduate collection to Robarts will increase the demand on the staff and space, Liz noted that there is a recommendation that deals with study space and collection storage. The report recognizes that undergraduates are already using Robarts quite heavily with 42% of loans to undergraduates. Use of Sigmund Samuel by outside users is another implication that will need to be addressed through campus libraries. It was pointed out that the Short-Term Loan service will remain at Gerstein as a key service. It has been recommended that in the long run the STL service be moved to Robarts (where it was located years ago). The focus of the report is not to reduce services to undergraduates. It was suggested that consideration be given to transferring all multiple copies and that cooperation from faculty teaching large courses be sought. It was also suggested that faculty be informed of changes, emphasizing the fact that services will continue.

Any group wanting to discuss the report further, please contact L. Avison. She would go to interested departments.

8. Question Period
"What are the activities of the Information Commons on the 1st and 4th floors?": M. Edmunds responded.

He began with the 7th floor where the I.C. is carrying out temporary activities in support of the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, which will move to the 1st floor in a few weeks. For the next two years, I.C. will be carrying out a project with SoftQuad producing tools that will help people with various disabilities.

The 4th floor area houses the Centre for Academic Technology (staff, labs), which produces supporting instructional technology, curriculum-based tools and tests materials before putting them on the web. The Centre also runs the Java development centre, which is a lab where people produce Java applets. Connected to it is the Teaching and Learning Resource Centre, run by the Library, and the classroom in room 4055, where I.C. and Library staff have been offering very well attended courses.

Located on the 1st floor, is the I.C.'s Help Desk, which supports a variety of applications and provides in- person, phone-in and e-mail service. The in-person service runs 9 am to 5 pm and the phone-in service runs 9 am to 12 midnight. This service is moving into the former Map Library area in the next couple of weeks, just beyond the area currently open. Also in this area is the I.C.'s publications group, which supports the production of web pages, and staff offices. Since September, workstations have been increased with stand-up stations at the front and a sit down area with word processing stations and printing available. The public area will expand by 20 or so stations. It is expected that most of the area will be completed before the holidays. Behind all this, there is a very sophisticated technology. The I.C.'s staff is approximately 45 FTE, with the Help Desk and classroom support operation relying heavily on part-time staff.

9. Other business
There will be a review of Library Council's terms of reference and membership. Watch for announcements in the "Staff Update".

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