University of Toronto Library.  Library Council.

Minutes, November 30, 1999
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: G. Bradshaw, G. Bravo, V. Chase, A. Cheng, J. Clark, S. Cozzi, M. Cummins, V. Downs, E. Fillion, G. Garlock, E. Granatstein, G. Grof, R. Healey, C. Jaffray, M. Lee, A. Masters, L. McNair, C. Moore, C. Murray, S. Newman, J. Raic, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, A. U
Regrets: S. Crotty, S. Hawrychuk, E. Houtman, B. Edwards, J. Leishman, P. Clinton, D. D'Agostino, R. Holder, L. Langford, K. Martyn, J. Snow, A. Thierry-Broad, T. Guardia, S. Stone, K. Turko, I. Wagle, C. Socknat, M. Press
Guests: S. Brown, K. Weaver
Next Meeting Thursday, September 30, 1999
2nd floor Conference Room
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Robarts Library

Agenda: The Library Council will meet on Tuesday, November 30, 1999, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m., 2nd Floor Conference Room, Robarts Library.
  1. Welcome to new and returning members
  2. Minutes of the September 30th meeting
  3. Business arising from the minutes
  4. Chief Librarian's report
  5. Announcements from the Chair, Steering Committee
  6. Publications Committee: Annual report*
  7. Committee on Signage: Annual report*
  8. Other business
* paper copies of reports will be provided at the meeting


  1. Welcome to new and returning members: The new Chair, Elinor Fillion, welcomed all members to Council.

  2. Minutes of the September 30th meeting:

    The minutes were accepted as written.

  3. Business arising


  4. Chief Librarian's report

    Carole Moore reported that a new President for the University has been approved by Governing Council this morning, Robert Birgeneau. An announcement is in circulation.

    The Chief Librarian announced that an anonymous donor has made it possible to move ahead with Phase II of Gerstein renovations. This will include an addition to the east side of the building and will allow for eight hundred new study spaces. It will create a new staircase for the building as well as alleviate some internal space problems for books. Completion is anticipated by the fall of 2001, as nine months will be needed for planning and one year for construction.

    External Review

    The Chief Librarian reported that the Self Study, which was completed last spring, is a part of the overall planning process which includes all university divisions. The Library's External Review (which was distributed to members of the Council) was conducted by three external reviewers and they are as follows:

    * Robert Wedgeworth, University Librarian, University of Illinois and past President, International Federation of Library Associations.
    * Thomas Sanville, Executive Director, Ohiolink, and President, International Consortium of Library Consortia.
    * Elaine Sloan, Vice-President for Information Services and University Librarian, Columbia University Library.

    She added that the reviewers all brought a wealth of experience. She continued to review the document with the Council and highlighted certain areas of strengths and weaknesses that the reviewers noted which were as follows:

    I. Extraordinary commitment by the central administration to protect the purchasing power of the acquisitions budget against the ravages of inflation and against fluctuations in the value of the Canadian dollar against other major currencies.

    II. The centrality of the Library's development of the Information Commons as a major strategy for linking teaching and research.

    III. No serious weaknesses in its current operations, facilities or services.

    IV. An innovative program of adaptive technologies for users with disabilities.

    While the visit revealed no serious weaknesses, the following was recommended:

    I. Professional staff renewal and reconfiguration in view of recent staff reductions and the loss of experience due to retirements of key personnel.

    II. Development of a systematic program to ensure that the quality of service can be improved continually.

    III. Creation of a stable, recurring funding base for the Information Commons and other information technologies.

    IV. Internal and external collaborative arrangements that will expand the ability of the Libraries to improve and extend services and resources.

    The Council was then referred to page 5 of the document, which speaks about the Collection Budget. Judy Snow and Joan Leishman both sat in on the Arts and Sciences Planning and will bring back information to the committee at a future date. Perhaps the most important point made was Partnership Relationships and Global information sharing.

    Staff renewal was discussed. Carole noted that this is a major point in our self-study and added that the Provost has not made any decisions yet.

    The Chair of Library Council asked if a new Chair had been named for the Advisory Committee? The Chief Librarian announced that Professor Ken Bartlett, Professor of History, will serve as Chair. An announcement will be made in the new University of Toronto Library Newsletter with a list of all members included.

    The Chair of Council reported that the External Review document would be placed on the agenda for the January meeting, so that members will be more prepared to discuss the recommendations.

  5. Publications Committee - Annual report:

    The Chair, Carolyn Murray distributed a written report to Council members, and announced that the committee's five objectives for 1999 had been completed. She thanked Library Administration for funding and providing help with the Library brochures and offered special thanks to Gabriela Bravo, from the Development Office, who coordinated all the design work with the graphic designers, James Ireland Design. Carolyn then reviewed the report, providing examples of the new brochure designs, maps, and pamphlets. She reported that the possibility of an "overview" brochure is being discussed, which would include key services. Staff were reminded that advice and textual changes related to publications should be forwarded to Carolyn Murray.

    The Chair congratulated the committee on the amount of work completed this year. Council voted unanimously to accept the report.

  6. Committee on Signage - Annual report:

    Gayle Garlock distributed a report to council. The committee met once in 1999, November 30. The report was reviewed with Council. Some concerns were raised regarding signage in the stacks, and it was recommended that temporary signage be made available while collections are being moved. These concerns will be referred to Access and Information. There were also some questions about the room numbering system in the Robarts building, and about food and drink in Robarts. It was agreed that neither of these issues is related to the terms of reference of the Committee on Signage; however, staff from Gerstein offered to share information related to their recent campaign against food and drink. Gayle thanked Gabriela Bravo for all her hard work in reviewing the signage in the public areas of the Robarts building. Sample signs are available and she will be consulting with staff before having the new signs installed.

    The Chair thanked the committee for its report, which Council voted to accept.

    The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

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