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Minutes of Library Council

November 4th, 1998
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: G. Bravo, S. Brown, A. Cheng, P. Clinton, M. Cummins, D. D'Agostino, V. Downs, E. Fillion, E. Granatstein, R. Healey, S. Hawrychuk, C. Jaffray, L. Langford, J. Leishman, M. Lee, A. Masters, L. McNair, C. Moore, J. Raic, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, J. Snow, S. Stone, I. Wagle
Guests: L. Avison, S. Cozzi, S. Silverberg
Absent/Regrets: V. Chase, J. Clark, S. Crotty, B. Edwards, G. Garlock, G . Grof, R. Holder, E. Houtman , K. Martyn, C. Murray, S. Newman, I. Prociuk, A. Rae, W. Sydorenko, A. Thierry-Broad, L. Ulanday, , K. Turko, A. U.


  1. Minutes of the meeting held November 4th, 1998.

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Motion on Brittle Books (tabled at last meeting) - Discussion and vote

  5. Great Library Service - Follow-up report and discussion - J. Snow

  6. Question: The overlapping display of "Order received" and item records in DRA Classic continues to be a source if confusion to users. Will TAOS be an integrated system in which this problem has been eliminated? - I. Wagle

    Answer - Peter Clinton

  7. Proposal to improve communication between Campus Libraries - J. Clark

  8. Annual Reports:
    a) Committee on Signage - G. Garlock
    b) Publications Steering Committee - C. Murray

  9. Other business

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 4th, 1998, 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
1. Minutes of the September 30th meeting:
Lachlan McNair noted that his name was missing from the list attendees. The minutes were accepted with that correction.
2. Business arising from the minutes:
Judy Snow reported that a few sessions had taken place with supervisors regarding the Great Library Services Report. It was evident, from these meetings, that staff and supervisors share similar concerns. She reported that Felicity Somerset has helped with a statement of values. When it is finished staff will have a chance to react to it. The tentative date of issue is before Christmas.
3. Chief Librarian's report:
Carole Moore gave an update on long range planning activities. She reported that the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) makes grants to improve research infrastructure re digital transfer type projects. Libraries have now joined the existing group of eligible candidates. Carole reported that four regional proposals were submitted. Peter Clinton wrote the one for Ontario. Four groups will be invited back for the 2nd phase. The bottom line is that it should reduce the cost of site licenses. We should hear the final news in the spring and implementation should begin by the year 2000.

Carole also reported on the University Planning process. She hopes that there will soon be a draft circulated from Academic Planning . We will be asked for new Divisional plans.

4. Sub-committee on Committees
Elinor Fillion asked the Committee to undo something they had already given permission for, i.e. the creation of a standing committee to deal with Preservation issues. The Subcommittee on Committees feels there is no need to have a standing Committee of Library Council regarding CLAM 24 -regarding Brittle Books. It recommends that it would be better to have a working group of librarians from Preservation and Collection Development which would meet only when Preservation Services needed advice from Collection Development or as necessary.

She asked for a revision of 7.1 point of CLAM 24. It was seconded by Edward Schlauch. The question was raised as to how , in the absence of a Report from a standing committee, library staff would know if brittle books are being dealt with. Discussion took place as to the validity of this committee and any alternative way to monitor the process of dealing with brittle books. Joan Leishman pointed out that a committee served a purpose because it gave staff a venue where they could bring issues. Carole Moore suggested that there should at least be a regular report. It was decided that further discussion and the vote on this motion should be deferred to another meeting when Karen Turko could attend.

5. Cataloguing & Authorities Users Group:
Shelly Hawrychuk reported on the Cataloguing & Authorities Users Group. She gave some highlights from the Report which included cleaning up the database and call number reformatting/reindexing. She mentioned that a Subgroup has been formed to look at cataloguing electronic resources and that they are looking at forming a Subgroup of NETCAT to deal exclusively with Serials cataloguing issues.

It was moved to accept the Report and seconded by Judy Snow. The Report was accepted.

6. Question:
Please give an update on the status of the Policies and guidelines for the acquisitions, access, preservation and storage of electronic materials. These were accepted by LC in February 1998 with the proviso that further consultations would take place. Will these guidelines (in particular those dealing with cataloguing) soon be issued as a CLAM?

Lachlan McNair noted that the date in the Question should read 1997 not 1998. Sharon Brown apologized for not bringing this back to the Committee. She reported that policies and guidelines should be looked at again and any changes should be made before a CLAM is issued. She was not sure when this would be brought back to the Committee. In the discussion which followed it was emphasized that the aim is to have all electronic materials catalogued and therefore accessible to the user. The difficulties in cataloguing of CD-roms in the central library in particular was addressed. C. Moore suggested that this issue should be dealt with by the Cataloguing and Authorities User Group. The Group will report in January 1999.

7. Proposal to improve two-way communication between Campus Libraries and the central library:
Elinor Fillion spoke for Jane Clark. She mentioned that at the Steering Committee meeting concern was expressed regarding the dissemination of information around campus (i.e. the recent change in the Bora Laskin Law Library policy regarding user fees) and wondered if a group could be set up that would perhaps meet regularly to discuss policies and procedures that are contemplated and what effect these changes would have on the whole library system. Elinor said that they weren't quite sure if this request should be brought to Library Council or to the Advisory Committee. Carole Moore responded that this issue has to do with multiple levels in terms of services. These issues are already discussed at Council of Campus Libraries meetings. Various suggestions were brought up as to how best to make sure that new happenings and information reach the maximum number of people who would likely be affected by any proposed change. Iqbal Wagle suggested putting it on the Uof T Website. Solange Silverberg reported that the Staff Development Committee has discussed sponsoring periodic "New happenings at the Library" sessions to cover a variety of topics about which all staff might otherwise not be aware. The idea for this grew, in part, out of the discussion at the last Library Council meeting about on-going orientation for existing staff. Liz Avison mentioned that perhaps listservs could be used more effectively to exchange new information.The discussion ended with the comment that communication must not only be broad but also focused to achieve maximum benefit. The Council agreed that communication within the central system should be improved. Marlene Cummins noted that the Council of Campus Libraries was a good forum for the discussion of changes proposed by any library member. Carole Moore agreed to convene a task force composed of members who charge for services; this task force would address the fee structure proposed by any member.
8. The Road to Taos:
Lari Langford spoke of the relocations Peter Clinton reported on the DRA Upgrade "The Road to Taos". Please see attached for the summary of his report.
9. Other business:
L. McNair reported that the nomination period for librarians has been extended; there are 2 librarian and 4 union seats vacant.
Next meeting: Thursday, December 10, 1998, 2:30
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