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Minutes of Library Council

Wednesday October 29, 1997
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: Elvi Aer (Guest), Jane Clark, Susan Cozzi (Guest), Stephen Crotty, Marlene Cummins, Dan D'Agostino, Shauna Dorskind (Guest), Valerie Downs, Barbara Edwards, Elinor Fillion, Gayle Garlock, Margaret Gibb (Guest), Elaine Granatstein, Gabriele Grof, Carla Hagstrom (Guest), Robin Healey, Carol Jaffray, Richard Landon (Guest), Lari Langford, Maureen Lee (Chair), Joan Leishman, Norma Lewis, Albert Masters, Lachlan McNair, Jenny Mendelsohn (Guest), Carole Moore, Carolyn Murray, Sylvia Newman, Ann Rae, Joseph Raic, Michael Rosenstock, Edward Schlauch, Solange Silverberg, Judy Snow, Susan Stone, Wasyl Sydorenko, Anna U, Lagring Ulanday
Absent: Adrienne Broad, Sharon Brown, Alfred Cheng, Peter Clinton, Evelyn Collins, Renata Gocht, Shelley Hawrychuk, Eveline Houtman, Katherine Martyn, Cathy Matthews, Karen Turko, Iqbal Wagle
Next Meeting Wednesday January 21, 1998
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library


  1. Minutes of meeting of June 4, 1997

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report

  4. Sub-committee on Committees - Elinor Fillion
    a) Serials Users group [for approval]
    b) EIRC - membership change [for information]

  5. Task Force to Review Collection Development in the Sciences - comments on report - Joan Leishman
    [for information]

  6. Proposal from the Joint Health & Safety Committee to establish a task force to study security issues at Robarts [for approval]

  7. Annual reports
    a) Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group
    Shelly Hawrychuk [for acceptance]
    b) Committee on Signage
    Gayle Garlock [for acceptance]
    c) Publications Steering Committee
    Carolyn Murray [for acceptance]

  8. Question Period: Iqbal Wagle-"What is the Library's Preservation program, apart from the activities related to the needs of our Japanese customer? Are we, for instance, addressing the need to preserve the brittle materials in our collections? How can library staff and users access titles digitized here?
    (Response: Karen Turko/Peter Clinton)

  9. Other business

1. Election of Library Council Chair:
Nomination received from Elinor Fillion to re-elect Maureen Lee, Norma Lewis seconded it. Maureen Lee agreed to Chair Library Council for one year. Approval was unanimous.
2. Minutes of June 4th meeting:
Minutes were accepted as prepared.
3. Matters arising:
Albert Masters asked about the Report Review Committee and if the Web site information had been updated. Maureen Lee responded that someone will be nominated to look after this.
4. Chief Librarian's report:
Carole Moore indicated that she was pleased with the new Library Council membership and the re-elected chair. The Chief Librarian reported that she has been immersed with plans involving changes with budget cuts and stressed that this is a time of change. It is important to have staff training at all levels and to be prepared for the future. Plans for staff training will be coordinated by the Staff Development Committee and Solange Silverberg will work with the committee. Adrienne Broad is the Chair. Skills should be up to date in order to give best service to our academic community.

New initiatives include involvement in the University Campaign, launched last September. The overall goal is $25 million yearly for the following: Acquisitions, Endowed Chairs for staff positions, Digital Library, Information Commons, Gerstein Building.

The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) is investigating support to buy electronic materials if the Government will provide funds to support the project. Some time was spent with U of T and smaller universities in order to work together to get support for this project.

Chief Librarian also reported on the Site Licensing Symposium in Ottawa which covered consortial purchasing arrangements.

Over the summer, the following occurred: new equipment was received, staff training took place, the Robarts basement was cleaned, the Sigmund Samuel collection was moved, and the Gerstein Library was reorganized . Everyone played a part in these activities and Carole Moore commended everyone for their efforts.

Elinor Fillion asked a question on the Web of Science - "Is there any hope of getting assistance through a cooperative purchase or as a development project"?

Carole Moore responded that it is a cooperative proposal at the moment, and there is hope that it will be supported.

5. Staff Development Committee - annual report:
Solange Silverberg gave the report on behalf of Adrienne Broad. The following update was made to the report - under other, fourth point, it should read "provided three orientation sessions to date.". Solange reported that under accomplished goals - a second listserve will be made available. Information on this will be published in the staff update. This will provide a vehicle for questions and answers on job-related use of technology.

Solange reported on the staff development committee's focus for 1997-1998 1. The committee will arrange sessions on computer basics. 2. NT Windows training - more indepth sessions on Word, Power Point etc. will be provided. Additional NT orientation session organized by Information Technology Services will be available. 3. A needs assessment survey of management staff was conducted by Human Resources at U of T and had a response rate of about 16%. A sub committee of the staff development committee met with Elaine Preston and Pat Hood from Staff Development, Human Resources Department, to get input on developing a needs assessment questionnaire for union and non supervisory staff. 5. There will be a staff development web site fairly soon that will give timely information on plans and activities of the committee, etc. 7. Courses such as Presentation Skills will be offered again. 8. Health & Safety programmes will be offered.

The staff development resource centre can provide information to staff who want to develop their skills. Interested staff may contact Solange.

Jenny Mendelsohn reported on the Electronic Resources Research Group (ERGG) formed of individuals who provide reference services and instruction. Topics covered by the six groups to date include: Internet resources and religion, political science resources, business resources, Canadian sites, human and industrial relation sites. An assessment questionnaire has been distributed to all who participated. In response to a question Jenny said that the meetings take place when the system works best.

Solange Silverberg briefly discussed a new project which will arrange for retiring staff to give talks on their areas of expertise.

Carolyn Murray asked about training support for college libraries. Solange responded by saying that the programmes the committee is providing will include college libraries and other campus staff. Carole Moore added that the campus Libraries representative on the committee is Tom Finlay; she urged the campus libraries to send their comments to him.

6. Circulation Services committee - annual report:
Lari Langford reported on behalf of the Chair - Renata Gocht. The committee has met during the past year and topics of discussion have included: Statistical reports, Drag Net Conference, New photo library card which has had a little re-engineering. She added that the committee has had a very busy year.

Sylvia Newman asked about Statistical reports. Lari indicated that Liz Avison is working on an analysis. Carole Moore expects the report by the end of this year.

7. Task Force on Robarts Space:
Lari Langford reported on the re-location of the Sigmund Samuel collection to Robarts and the consequent shifting of materials within Robarts. Lari in response to a question said that the Sigmund Samuel collection will be integrated into the main Robarts collection item by item, as borrowed. It is too soon to evaluate that procedure.
7. Question Period: Albert Masters
"Has the number of uncatalogued items increased or decreased over the summer?

Carol Jaffray responded that as of September 30, the backlog stands at 129,756 items. The installation of new machines, staff training in Windows and Netcat, summer vacations and an influx of material on the 7th floor have all contributed to the increase in the backlog. On the positive side, in 1996/97 they processed 9000 titles more than were processed in the previous year.

Carol Jaffray added that when the new unit is in place on the 6th floor it is expected that material can be processed more quickly.

Carole Moore added that Edward Schlauch and the materials processing team has made a great deal of progress with streamlining. Edward reported that wiring has been a little slow. Carole remarked that individual staff have made a tremendous effort. The backlog from the 6th floor clean-up has shifted from the 6th floor to the 7th floor.

Edward Schlauch reported on the installation of the 6th floor expedited bibliographic processing section. It will consist of 14 new work stations. It will be running in the near future, but it will take sometime before all materials destined for the unit will actually be sent to it.

Carol Jaffray, in response to a question, said that the English language material is being catalogued as quickly as possible.

8. Other business:
Michael Rosenstock asked that the membership of the Electronic Information Resource Committee be revised in light of a recommendation by the Task Force to Review Collection Development in the Sciences. M. Lee asked for a memo requesting the change.

Joan Leishman will discuss the Report of the Task Force to Review Collection Development in the Sciences at the next LC meeting. Copies of the report are available from her.

The Chair reported on behalf of Sharon Brown. The Electronic Information Resources Committee met 2 weeks ago and agreed on a number of databases. A list will be distributed on e-mail.

The Chair reported that she will organize a Steering Committee and will get some help from the Chair of Sub Committee on Committees'. Some members from last year will be named. If anyone has any suggestions, please forward them to Maureen Lee.

Carole Moore announced the appointment of Carl Amrhein as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science; he is currently Chair of the Department of Geography. As Chair of the Provostial Task Force on Academic Computing, he has had much involvement with the Information Commons.

Carole also added that Professor Adel Sedra, Vice-President & Provost and Michael Finlayson, Vice-President, Human Resources have both been reappointed for another term. Chris Handley, Director Administrative Management Systems has resigned effective November 15. His position will be filled.

Lachlan McNair reported that there are still some vacancies for

Library Council: 1 Librarian and 4 Union staff.

At the call of the Chair in September after the Council's elections. M. Lee thanked all participants for their contributions to the Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Term ending September 30, 1999
Committee Chairs

Brown, Sharon
Collins, Evelyn
Garlock, Gayle
Gocht, Renata
Hawrychuk, Shelly
Langford, Lari
McNair, Lachlan
Murray, Carolyn
Newman, Sylvia
Stone, Susan
Thierry-Broad, Adrienne
Turko, Karen
Wagle, Iqbal


D'Agostino, Dan
Downs, Valerie
Healey, Robin
Pearson, Margery
Fillion, Elinor

Administrative Staff:

Bravo, Gabriela
Grof, Gabriele
Raic, Joseph
Ulanday, Lagrimas

Union Staff:

Crotty, Stephen
Edwards, Barbara
Masters, Albert
Sydorenko, Wasyl

Senior Staff:

Cheng, Alfred
Clark, Jane
Clinton, Peter
Granatstein, Elaine
Houtman, Eveline
Jaffray, Carol
Lee, Maureen
Leishman, Joan
Lewis, Norma
Martyn, Katherine
Rosenstock, Michael
Schlauch, Edward
Snow, Judy
U, Anna

Assessor Members:

Carole Moore - Chief Librarian
Professor John Browne, Chair, Advisory Committee on the University of Toronto Library System
Marla Miller - Scarborough
Cathy Matthews - Erindale Ann Rae - Council of Campus Libraries
Marlene Cummins - Council of Campus Libraries
Ihor Prociuk -Information Commons

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