Agenda and Minutes of Library Council, October 24, 2001


  1. Welcome to new and returning members

  2. Election of the Chair of Library Council, 2001-2003

  3. Minutes of the September 26th meeting

  4. Business arising from the minutes

  5. Chief Librarian's report

  6. Annual report of the Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group - Shelley Hawrychuk

  7. Other business


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, October 24, 2000, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.

Present: E. Fillion (Chair), V. Chase, S. Clapp, J. Clark, A. Dondertman, E. Granatstein, R. Holder, C. Jaffray, S. Langlands, A. Masters, L. McArthur, L. McNair, P. Meindl, C. Moore, M. Rosenstock, E. Schlauch, S. Walker, A. Santeramo (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: G. Bradshaw, G. Bravo, S. Brown, A. Cheng, P. Clinton, S. Cozzi, M. Cummins, V. Downs, L. Ferstman, G. Garlock, G. Grof, T. Guardia, S. Hawrychuk, R. Healey, E. Houtman, L. Langford, J. Leishman, J. Lynes, C. Murray, M. Press, J. Raic, M. Roddy, J. Snow, C. Socknat, S. Stone, A. Thierry-Broad, K. Turko, A. U.

Guests: E. Black, K. Weaver, S. Silverberg

The Chair welcomed two new members to Council: Laurie McArthur (Adaptive Technology Resources), designated to represent Jutta Treviranus, chair of the Committee for Library Services to Persons with Disabilities, and Patricia Meindl (Chemistry Library), the new Chair, Council of Campus Libraries.

  1. Minutes of the November 28th, 2001 meeting: One change to paragraph number 4, last sentence: change "has" to read "have". Minutes were approved as amended.

  2. Minutes of the meeting of September 12, 2000: Minutes were approved as written.

  3. Business arising: None.

  4. Chief Librarian's report:
    Budget News
    The budget should be reviewed by this fall. Progress is being made. The delay in decision-making has been affected by the installation of the new president and the need to plan for the Canada Research Chairs.

    New President
    Robert Birgeneau has announced his major areas of focus as follows: 1. Excellence as the overall goal, particularly in recruitment of new faculty and staff. 2. Equity at all levels, including employment equity and equity of access. 3. Outreach to the community.

    The Chief Librarian noted that the Library's commitment to excellence is reflected in our ARL statistics ranking, which is fourth overall, and first among public universi-ties. Comparisons recently have shown that U of T is ranked highly by users, both students and faculty. She stressed that continued responsiveness to our sophisticated and demanding clientele is extremely important, and that the budget must take this into account.

    Planning Process
    The response from the Provost should be available by the end of December. The Chief Librarian said that all areas needing improvement will be considered, including the desirability of bringing all sources accessible to Library patrons together with a uniform-looking interface.

    New Faculty
    It was stressed how important it is for new faculty to find the library easy to use. It is anticipated that a thousand positions will be filled over the next decade. Some faculty have already indicated that the ability to conduct research with the rich resources available at U of T has been extremely attractive and one of their main reasons for coming here.

    In addition, a pilot project is underway in Faculty Outreach by Information Specialists. Judy Snow, Joan Leishman, Gabriela Bravo and Solange Silverberg are members of this team. It was stressed by some Council members that outreach to new students is also very important. The Chief Librarian agreed, adding that Scarborough and U of T at Mississauga share this concern.

  5. Membership and terms of reference: Task Force on Coordinator of Distance Services Posting: The document was made available to all Council members at the meeting. The Chair announced that at the last Library Council Steering Committee meeting it was agreed the following areas should be represented, and members were designated by the respective department heads:

      Warren Holder, Information Technology Services
      Pat Serafini, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Library
      Sharon Brown, Reference Department, Robarts Library
      Helen Michael, Resource Sharing, Gerstein Library

    A motion to approve the draft membership and terms of reference was made by Stephanie Walker; Council voted unanimously in favour.

  6. Annual report of the Circulation Services Committee: Council reviewed the report. Renata Holder, Chair, added that much work was accomplished, especially with regards to sharing of information. The loan period changes have received extremely positive responses. Council members reported that positive comments have been made by faculty in various areas. Graduate students, as well, are very pleased. However, the head of the Engineering Library noted that recalls have greatly increased as a result of the changes. Renata said that statistics for recalls will be captured by ITS in the future, but at present there is no way of tracking them.

    A motion to accept this report was made by Renata Holder; all voted in favour.

  7. Annual report of the Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group: Elizabeth Black reported on behalf of Shelley Hawrychuk. She reported that the estimated date of completion of concatenation, according to A-G Canada, is the end of October. It was mentioned that the Users Group always proceeds with caution. More news will become available later. In response to a question, Elizabeth said that all 88,000 titles in the ESTC will be loaded in the online catalogue. However, these records must be loaded gradually, because of the load on the system.

    A motion to move acceptance of the report was made by Elizabeth Black as Shelley's designate; all voted in favour.

  8. Other business: Solange Silverberg brought Council's attention to the Employee Assistance Program, which is now available to all U of T staff as well as dependants. This is a new, confidential, free counseling and referral service. A session will be provided for all staff on November 15 from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. in room 4049. Staff who are interested in attending should register by accessing the Staff Development Web Site.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:33 p.m.

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