Agenda and Minutes of Library Council October 9, 2002


  1. Minutes of the Meeting of May 29th, 2002

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian Carole Moore

  4. ITS Update Peter Clinton

  5. Circulation Services Committee - Annual Report Renata Holder

  6. Committee on Instruction In Library Use - Annual Report Frances Sardone

  7. Other business

Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.

Present: Bellamy, P., Chase, V., Clinton, P., Cozzi, S. (Chair), DeDiego, I., Devakos, R., Dondertman, A., Fleming, D., Granatstein, E., Grof, G., Jaffray, C., Leishman, J., Masters, A., McArthur, L., McLeod, D., McNair, L., Meindl, P., Moore, C., Newman, J., Ruscillo, M., Santeramo, A. (Recording Secretary), Sardone, F., Snow, J., Walker, S.

Regrets: Cheng, A., Clark, J., Cummins, M., Dorskind, S., Downs, V., Hawrychuk, S., Healey, R., Holder, R., Houtman, E., Langlands, S., Mavrinac, M.A., Murray, C., Newman, S., Schlauch, E., Socknat, C., Stone, S.


  1. Minutes of the meeting of May 29, 2002
    Acceptance moved and seconded. All voted in favour of accepting the minutes as written.

  2. Business Arising

    Training Survey Results
    Judy Snow commented on the Blueprint for Training Survey. (A document entitled "Blueprint for Training: Survey Results" was distributed to Council members). This Survey was conducted by the Great Library Service Working Group.

    The Blueprint for Training exercise began last Fall. All staff and department heads had the opportunity to participate in the Survey, although not all staff members responded. The results supported the data obtained in the Staff Development survey that was also distributed in the Spring.

    The survey results themselves are posted on the Staff Development Web Site at

    The Great Library Service Working Group will continue to work on its training agenda.

    Question arising:
    When this is all compiled, when will there be more job specific training?
    Response: SIRSI training has begun and is still ongoing. The Great Library Service Working Group will meet this month and will be reviewing the survey results to determine what additional training is necessary.

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian
    The Chair welcomed the Chief Librarian back from research leave. Carole Moore thanked staff for their enormous efforts. As well, she thanked Judy Snow for taking on the responsibility of Acting Chief Librarian on her behalf.

    SIRSI Implementation
    Carole reported that SIRSI accomplishments have been very impressive. Ongoing improvements will continue at least for the next year.

    New Provost & Budget
    Professor Shirley Neuman has been appointed as the new Vice President and Provost. She has come to grips quickly with the University's financial situation, one that continues to deteriorate. Government funding increases that were projected will not come through for this year. The budget assumptions and realities continue to be reviewed.

    Planning Strategy
    A new long-range plan is expected to be available in another year or two. Initial steps include preparation of a green paper for the University (a "discussion paper") that will be produced by the end of November and form the basis for a white paper for approval in the Spring. It will look at

    a) Common characteristics of the best public universities in order to evaluate the University of Toronto in light of these characteristics
    b) Anticipated areas of research for the next 5-10 years
    c) Student services from point of recruitment through to graduation and beyond
    d) Resources required

    Once an overall framework is agreed upon, the individual departments will be asked to come up with long range plans. A sample question that the Provost could propose is "What will your department require to become the best among like departments in public universities in the world?" The Chief Librarian added that the Provost is a very heavy user of this library system.

    Exhibition Opening
    The Chief Librarian announced that an exhibition called "Tantalizing Titles: Books that have Inspired U. of T. Faculty" will be officially opened by the Provost on October 22nd from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m., in the second floor exhibition area of the Robarts Library. All of the books in this exhibition are available in the Library and can be accessed through a Web page designed for this exhibit. There has been great response from faculty. She thanked the organizing committee members for all of their hard work.

    Gerstein Library Renovations The Chief Librarian asked Joan Leishman to provide a progress report on the Gerstein Library renovations.

    Joan reported that the additions can now be seen from Wellesley Street on the East Side of the building. Some landscaping is still taking place. It is hoped that the students can use the facility in early November. This has become a very attractive student space and provides both wireless and wired connections for laptops, as well as electrical outlets. There is 30,000 sq. ft of new space and 20,000 sq. ft. of renovated space. The official opening is planned for early January for the donors, their family and university officials. The donors are the Morrison family. The purpose of their gift was to support students. A commemorative table will be located on the main floor in the Gerstein Library and can be used for future displays. Joan added that this has been a time of great transition for all staff and commended her staff for coping extremely well.

  4. ITS Update
    Peter Clinton announced that the SIRSI System went live with the OPAC, Circulation, and Cataloguing functions on schedule for August 17. All of this hard work could not have been accomplished without the dedicated work of the implementation teams. There have been delays in the loading of acquisitions and serials data, primarily because of the complexity of the information and of the system functionality in general. SIRSI now has the go ahead to load the acquisitions data on the system as of today (October 9, 2002). Joyce Chyrski will be checking the migrated records. Some manual adjustments to vendor accounts will be required. The third test load of serials data will be completed this afternoon. Known problematic records in serials will be reviewed to assess the accuracy of their migration.

    Peter commented that he has been very pleased with the staff and how enthusiastic everyone has been with the new system. Some changes will be made to the SIRSI interface. Any comments can be brought forward to Library Council or other library committees or directly to the Information Technology Services Department.

    User Passwords
    The personalized user names and passwords have not been completed, and will not be available until other upgrades have been completed. The individual passwords may be available sometime in the middle of November.

    Questions arising:
    Is there any news on access to the contents of the vendor file?
    Response: There are still questions on how this should be loaded: into the main database or as a separate database. The vendor file contains bibliographic records at various levels of completeness. Some vendors supply these records for possible use in the creation of catalogue records for our SIRSI database.

    For how much longer will the DRA database be available?
    Response: Access to the DRA database will be necessary until the completion of the acquisitions and serials migration.

    When will the 2002 version of SIRSI be loaded?
    It is necessary to load serials control information into the 2001 version of the SIRSI software. The load of the 2002 version will depend on the timing of the successful load of serials data. We are looking into load details and statistical data in order to determine the amount of time required to accomplish the load.

    Will the ability to place holds on books become available soon?
    Response: SIRSI calls this capability "demand management". The current version of the SIRSI software does not allow us to offer user initiated holds in the way in which our environment demands. The next version of the SIRSI software includes upgrades to the "demand management" feature that will make it possible to offer user initiated placement of holds. The next version cannot be loaded until the migration of serials data is complete.

    Introduction of PCs for Public and Staff
    Peter reported that some of these PCs will be recycled from the Information Commons. They will replace the VT terminals in the stacks. Department heads will be asked for input on replacement priorities in each library. The old IBM P350s will be refurbished as network based PCs with applications running on network servers and recycled back to replace older PCs. Replacement is expected to begin before the end of October.

    Library Hours at a Glance
    Peter demonstrated the new library hours home page via the U of T Home Page. A new service called "Hours at a Glance" was demonstrated. It was noted how easy it is to locate the library hours page. Peter remarked upon the variance in hours of opening among the libraries across campus. Comments or suggestions can be forward to Peter Clinton. The URL for this address is as follows:

    Questions arising:
    Is there room for expanding library hour coverage information to include variations among different departments in the same library? Response: Peter replied that the intent was not to include all variances at this time but that this capability is available.

    Who will maintain this site?
    Response: The department units themselves will update information for their own libraries. Possibly Gabriela Bravo will be responsible for updating the Central Library hours.

  5. Circulation Services Committee - Annual Report
    Renata Holder was unable to attend the meeting to present this Report. The Chair asked Council to review it and to ask any questions that might arise. Rea Devakos moved acceptance; this was seconded by Gabriele Grof. All members in attendance voted in favour of acceptance.

  6. Committee on Instruction in Library Use - Annual Report
    Frances Sardone reviewed this Report with Council. The new Co-Chairs are Jeff Newman and Christine Sewerin. Frances reported that there had been more professional development activities during the past year. The greatest initiative was the full day event on Information Literacy, an event that included staff from the hospital libraries as well. The web site for this event is still active for reference purposes.

    Questions Arising
    A member requested that a list of members of the Committee on Instruction in Library Use be supplied to Council.
    Response: Frances agreed to submit the list of members.

    The Chief Librarian noted that impressive work was going on and asked if there was any connection between the professional development workshops and the number of attendees at ILU sessions.
    Response: Jeff Newman replied that the statistics for ILU have been rising. Feedback with level of instructions and planning is very positive.

    Frances moved acceptance of this report; this was seconded by Jeff Newman. All members in attendance voted in favour of acceptance.

  7. Other Business

    Theses: Addition of Subject Heading for Enhanced Access
    Is there any news on this issue? The Chair responded that she would clarify this issue with Elizabeth Black who was working on the costing analysis for the addition of subject headings.

    Library Council Steering Committee Membership
    The Chair announced the Library Council Steering Committee Members as follows:
    Jane Clark, Susan Cozzi (Chair), Stephen Crotty, Gabriele Grof, Robin Healey, Eveline Houtman, Carol Jaffray, Albert Masters, Don McLeod, Lachlan McNair, Carole Moore, Mary Ruscillo, Anna Santeramo (Recording Secretary), Judy Snow, Stephanie Walker.

    Library Council Membership
    There are four vacant positions: 1 non-union and three union positions. Information about current Library Council membership will be available soon at the Library Council Web site.

    Terms of Reference and Membership Composition of Local System Functional User Groups
    Some minor changes may be required due to the migration from the DRA system to the SIRSI system. This review process has begun.

    Next Meeting
    The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 2:30 p.m., in the second floor conference room in the Robarts Library. A list of Library Council meeting dates for 2002/2003 has been circulated.

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