University of Toronto Library. Library Council.
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Annual Report To
Library Council

December 8, 1997

Chair, Carolyn Murray

1. Publications Committee


Director, Development and Public Affairs - Gayle Garlock
Acting Coordinator, Library Instruction - Sharon Brown
Senior Graphic Artist - Davis Zvejnieks
Photoduplication Department - Peter Wong
Appointed Members

Access and Information - Perry Hall
AV, East Asian, Pharmacy, Fisher - Shauna Dorskind
Earth Science, Engineering - Barbara Brooks
Collection Development, Resource-sharing, Reference, Special Gerstein Science Information Centre - Nancy Young
Campus Libraries, Reference - Carolyn Murray, Chair

2. Publications - printed externally

	Numbers Printed			 1996             1997
	Earth Sciences			 1,100		   730
	Engineering 			 2,350		 1,950
	Robarts Library  		 9,500          13,450	
	Science and Medicine Library     6,300	         8,200
				      ---------	     ---------
	   Total printed by Versatel    18,150          24,330
	Cost				 1996		  1997
	 	Price@:              $169.93/m        169.93/m
		Cost:                $3,267.88       $4,134.39		
		Tax 		              10.31%
		Total cost:          $3,604.91       $4,560.65
We increased the total number of brochures printed this year by 6,180 because Robarts ran out of brochures before April, 1997 and Gerstein expected more to be needed in light of their expansion in September, 1997. Since Engineering and Earth Sciences had a some left over they decreased their annual request.

3. Photocopying and Distribution of publications

Individual libraries and departments continue to take responsibility for requesting photocopies of library publications. Masters of those produced within the central system are available to all campus libraries. New publications are announced in the Staff Update at regular intervals and the names and phone numbers of contact persons are given as well.

4. Publications printed in house 1997

4.1 New brochures

  • Cash Card Services (12/97)
  • How to find Research Resources on the Web (9/97)
  • Where to find environmental studies material in the U of T Libraries (3/97)

4.2 Updated brochures - photocopied

  • Academic Success :develop your writing, research and study skills (9/97)
  • Audiovisual Library (7/97)
  • How to find book reviews (9/97)
  • How to find journal articles in social sciences and humanities (10/97)
  • How to find journal articles in the sciences (6/97)
  • How to use Boolean Searching in UTCat (12/97)
  • How to use UTLink - instruction on how to search and print
  • UTCat and databases accessible through its Find Menu under Choose Database (9/97)
  • Library directory and list of library codes in UTCat (11/97)
  • List of Library Research Guides (9/97)
  • Petro Jacyk Central European Resources Centre (12/97)
  • Photoduplication Services - (12/97)
  • Remote access to UTLink: The University of Toronto library's catalogue and information system (9/97)
  • Services from the library: individual and associate memberships (6/97)
  • Services from the library: for University of Toronto alumni (7/97)
  • Stack Guide for Robarts Library (8/97)

4.3 Brochures which were reprinted with no changes

  • Searching: Medline, Cancerlit, CINAHL, Health Planning (1/96)
  • University of Toronto Library - Conduct Regulations (9/96)
  • University of Toronto Library - Policy on the Appropriate Use of Technology ((9/96)

4.4 New brochures being developed:

  • Where to find databases on UTLink
  • A subject list of databases on UTLink

There is a pressing need to publish a subject list of databases both in a paper format and on the Web. Information on how to connect will be included. A group in Robarts Reference Department have begun to work on a subject list of databases and stand-alone CD-Roms in Robarts. This list will be the basis of the new brochure.

5. Electronic Publications on UTL's Web Home Page

5.1 CD-Roms at the University of Toronto

Last year we reported that a revised version of the CD- Roms at the University of Toronto would be mounted on the Web. However, it is still in the old gopher format. Lisa Sherlock ( Pratt Library, Reference) worked on an HTML version this summer, but it has not yet been mounted on the library's home page due to staffing shortages in Information Technology Department. Lisa can provide a printed version to those who wish to make copies for their libraries.

5.2 Library Location Codes used in UTCat

As of July, 1997 the most recent list of codes was submitted by Irene Dutton (Pratt Library, Reference) to the University of Toronto Library Home page at:

5.3 Research Resources on the Web

This is the only library brochure mounted on the web. It was put up in late August and may be found on the Instruction in Library Use Web site:

5.4 Library and research skills brochures

Last year the Publications Committee recognized that the central library was considerably behind Scarborough and Ernindale Libraries in putting up library publications on the web. A year later we have one brochure on our Web site, while they have succeeded in putting all their printed brochures on the Web.

The Instruction in Library Use Committee decided to include the brochures on library and research skills on their UTLearn Web site (soon to be re-named). At their December 3, 1997 meeting this committee discussed this issue with the Webmaster, Sian Mieckle. Finding IT staff with time to do the HTML formatting will be a problem.

5.5 General Library Brochures

We have indicated to Sian Mieckle that these brochures should also appear on the main U of T Library home page.

Those members of the Publications Committee who have taken one day workshops on HTML during the summer have found that they have not have the time needed to develop and work on the skills they learned. Clearly, current workloads are too heavy to allow interested members help with this project. Alternative staffing must be found to make all publications available in electronic format.

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