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Annual Report of the Publications Committee, January 30, 2002

  1. Membership

    Director, Development and Public Affairs - Gayle Garlock Assistant Director, Development and Public Affairs - Gabriela Bravo Coordinator of Library Instruction - Sara McDowell Assistant to Coordinator of Library Instruction - Mary Roddy Webmaster, Information Technology - Marc Lalonde Digital Librarian, Information Technology - Sian Meikle Finance & Photoduplication Departments - Alfred Cheng

    Appointed Members
    Access and Information - Perry Hall AV, East Asian, Pharmacy, Fisher - Shauna Dorskind Earth Science, Engineering & Computer Science - Cris Sewerin Data, Maps & Government Information Services - Eveline Houtman Robarts, Reference - Susan Johnston Gerstein Science Information Centre, Reference - Susanne Tabur OISE/UT, Reference - Pat Sarafini Campus Libraries - Carolyn Murray (UC), Chair

  2. Objectives for 2001

    Our objective this year was to continue using the new brochure formats we developed in the last two years. We like the uniformity of design and found the formats easy to update. Now that the digital copier enables us to use colour on the covers, the publications printed in the library look as good as those printed outside.

    Brochures designed and printed outside the library
    Five Library Guides - The five library guides for the Robarts, Gerstein, Earth Sciences, Engineering & Computer Science and OISE were updated by Jim Ireland Design, Inc. and printed by Versatel in the summer of 2001.

    Directory of Libraries - There were a number of changes to the Directory of Libraries with the Map of the St. George Campus and the List of Library Codes in the online catalogue particularly because of the move of the Pratt Library back to its renovated building in the fall. Ireland Design and Versatel were involved with this brochure as well. We printed enough copies to distribute to all the campus libraries for the first time this year. This meant that these libraries did not have to print their own black and white copies from our master copies.

    Publications done in the library
    Especially for new users: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Journal Indexes on the Web: Selected Indexes in the Social Sciences and the Humanities were updated on the Word 7 template and printed with colour covers on the digital copier in the Gerstein Library.

    Some campus libraries have adapted the format of the FAQ brochure and developed their own versions, tailored to their particular library.

    Getting There (The Student Guide published by Student Affairs) included selected questions and answers from our FAQ brochure in a section called "Frequently asked questions about library research."

    We used the left-over pre-printed sheets with colour cover designs (done by Versatel two years ago) for the following brochures:
    Services from the Library: Individual and Associate Members (2000)
    Services from the Library: for University of Toronto Alumni (2000)
    Journal Indexes on the Web: Selected Indexes in Engineering & Computer Science (2001)
    Where to Find Environmental Studies Material (1999)

    We expect this supply to be used up by summer, 2002.

    Robarts Library Call Number Directory was updated in July, 2001.

  3. Number of Library Guides Printed by Versatel Printing - Fall 2001

  4. Library publications which have not yet been published in a new format with colour covers

    University of Toronto Library Conduct Regulations
    University of Toronto Library: Appropriate Use of Technology
    Audiovisual Library Guide
    Photoduplication Service
    East Asian Library Guide

  5. Library publications which remained in old formats

    Remote access to the library's electronic information resources (10/98)
    How to Use UTCat: the online catalogue - Telnet version (10/98)

    By fall, 2002 these two will be "retired". The committee will be developing new brochures to be ready when new SIRSI system is in place.

  6. Transferring printed library publications to the Web

    Especially for New Users: FAQ - The information in this brochure continues to appear on the U of T Library Web site and can be reached via the FAQ link on the home page.

    The Committee, along with the Web Advisory Group, requested that additional questions which do not fit in the brochure be added to the current list and that an index of subject headings be used at the beginning of the FAQ page to enable users to find the information they need more easily. We hope this will be done in the next month.

    How to research, write and study: Resources - We have ceased to publish the brochure Academic Success: Develop Your Writing, Research and Study Skills. The information in it included books, videos and web sites and has been expanded and up-dated. We used the "My Library" software and this web publication now appears on the UTL Web site in the Library Services section under the heading: "Library and Internet Skills". Users are able to click on entries and jump to the matching online catalogue record or web site.

  7. New Initiatives being considered for Fall 2002

    Guidelines for Library Research Guides Published on the UTL Web Site. Marc Lalonde, ITS, asked the Committee to consider the need for standards in web guides published on the library site and to draw up a brief set of guidelines. Other major libraries such as Library of Congress have elaborate WWW Style Guides.

    Introducing the library to new students - We do not have a publication for new students which serves a public relations function such as the one the library provides for new faculty members. The committee will look at similar publications published by other university libraries to see if this is a feasible project for us to do.

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