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Annual Report of the Publications Committee, November 30, 2002 By Carolyn Murray, Chair

  1. Membership

    Director, Development and Public Affairs - Gayle Garlock
    Assistant Director, Development and Public Affairs - Gabriella Bravo
    Coordinator of Library Instruction - Sarah McDowell
    Assistant to Coordinator of Library Instruction - Mary Roddy
    Webmaster, Information Technology - Marc Lalonde
    Digital Librarian, Information Technology - Sian Miekle
    Finance & Photoduplication Departments - Alfred Cheng

    Appointed Members
    Access and Information - Perry Hall
    AV, East Asian, Pharmacy, Fisher - Shauna Dorskind
    Earth Science, Engineering & Computer Science - Cris Sewerin
    Data, Maps & Government Information Services - Eveline Houtman
    Robarts, Reference - Susan Johnston
    Gerstein Science Information Centre, Reference - Susanne Tabur
    OISE/UT, Reference - Pat Serifini
    Campus Libraries - Carolyn Murray (UC), Chair

  2. Objectives for 2002

    1. Continue to use the library templates for library guides in order to design and print standardized brochures in the library.
    2. Develop a handout to introduce the campus libraries to users - particularly new users - in a newspaper style format with pictures of libraries and text to provide a quick overview of key services. To be distributed to all campus libraries.
    3. Develop a new brochure to introduce the SIRSI online catalogue.

    Brochures designed and printed outside the library
    Library Guides - The five library guides for Robarts, Gerstein, Earth Sciences, Engineering & Computer Science and OISE were updated by Jim Ireland Design, Inc. and printed by Versatel in the summer of 2002.

    Directory of Libraries with the Map of the St. George Campus - We updated the list and the map and dropped the list of library codes because it was not needed by users of the new SIRSI catalogue. Without the codes the brochure was reduced to a two fold format. We printed enough copies to distribute to all the campus libraries in September as we did last year.

    Publication designed in the library and printed outside
    Libraries at the University of Toronto - The Committee worked on the text and layout with Maureen Morin, Information Commons Graphic Designer. It was printed by Scholar House Productions in September and was distributed to all campus libraries and colleges.

    This was a departure from our usual library publications, but Carole Moore urged us to follow the example of a number of other college and university libraries who have similar newspaper style formats to introduce their library systems. Feedback has been very positive.

  3. Publications designed and printed in the library

    Especially for new users: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - cancelled, Summer 2002 Although this brochure was dropped this, year, the information is available in the FAQ section on the library Web site and Some of the information is now included in the new publication Libraries at the University of Toronto.

    Journal Indexes on the Web: Selected Indexes in the Social Sciences and the Humanities - updated -Summer 2002

    Audiovisual Library Guide - updated, Summer 2002

    East Asian Library Guide - updated, Summer 2002

    Services from the Library: Individual and Associate Members produced - updated, Summer 2002

    Services from the Library: For University of Toronto Alumni - updated, Summer 2002.

    The Library Catalogue: Guide to searching the U of T Libraries online catalogue - new, August, 2002.

    Journal Indexes on the Web: Selected Indexes in Engineering & Computer Science - updated, Summer, 2002

    Robarts Library Call Number Directory - updated, Summer 2002

  4. Number of Library Guides Printed Outside the Library - Fall 2002

  5. Library publications on the Library Web site updated by Publications Committee

    FAQ - on the sidebar of the Library Home Page.

    How to research, write and study: Resources located under Library Services: Library and Internet Skills, The Research and Writing Process: Further Resources.

  6. Work to be done

    Guidelines for Library Research Guides Published on the UTL Web site. The Committee still has to draw up a brief set of guidelines for librarians who are publishing guides of on the library Web site.

    Library handouts on the Web - UBC Library publishes many of of its library handouts on the Web to enable students to print their own copies. The Committee will look into this approach in the coming months.

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