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Annual Report of the Reference Services Committee
to Library Council, March 19, 1997

As a standing committee of Library Council with members appointed by the heads of libraries or units, The Committee submits the following:


1. To identify, consider and recommend initiatives to enhance reference services in the central library and, where appropriate, in the campus libraries.

2. To share information related to reference services.

3. To coordinate activities related to the provision of reference services.

4. To anticipate and respond in a coordinated manner to developments in the library system which may have an impact on reference services.

5. To recommend annually two of its members from the central library system to the Electronic Selection Subcommittee, one to represent the sciences and one to represent the social sciences and humanities reference responsibilities.

6. To communicate relevant information related to reference services to other areas of the library system, as appropriate.

7. To review, from time to time, existing reference services.

8. To meet regularly, at least eight times a year.

9. To report regularly to Library Council an the appointed month of each year.


The Committee accomplished its goals, especially by the following:


To continue past goals and to formulate new ones if it becomes appropriate.

Respectfully submitted, Evelyn Collins
Chair 1996-97

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