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Resource Sharing Services Committee Annual Report 1999

As in previous years the Resource Sharing Services Committee has met regularly to discuss issues related to Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery. The Committee continued this year to operate as a vehicle to exchange information on policies, procedures, technological changes and to encourage co-ordination of services provided across the system.

Some of the issues that arose during the year were:

  1. Campus Delivery Service - Alfred Cheng attended a meeting to discuss problems with the service. He indicated that he would like to improve the service and asked for some guidance from the committee. The RSSC sub committee on campus deliver service continued to meet during the year and in early December sent out a questionnaire to all campus libraries. The results of the survey will be passed on to Jane Clark for follow up with Alfred.

  2. The committee heard regular updates from the TAOS transition team on Resource Sharing.

  3. There was considerable discussion at many meetings on the status of the Ariel installation in Earth Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy and Rare Books. They are now functional.

  4. The committee agreed that all document delivery requests for copies would be transmitted electronically between the 12 libraries on campus which now have an Ariel setup.

  5. Installation of Prospero software(which is used to convert tiff files to pdf files and them mount the document on a Web server) and works in conjunction with Ariel is being investigated for Document Delivery use on campus and with the Health Science Information Consortium.

  6. Warren Holder gave the committee and update on full text E-Journals and how they related to ILL including restrictions placed on these materials by most publishers.

  7. There was considerable discussion about whether document delivery requests for material available electronically should by refused and U of T students and faculty informed so that they could access the material themselves. Members of the committee have not yet reached a consensus and varied practices are being followed.

  8. Erindale and Scarborough are now lending duplicate copies(material held on the St. George campus but in use, missing, etc.) to libraries on the St. George campus and libraries on the St. George campus are doing the same for Erindale and Scarborough with a couple of exceptions.

Susan Stone, Chair
Resource Sharing Services Committee
February 4, 2000

Resource Sharing Services Committee Membership 1999-2000

Ex officio members:

Jane Clark
Susan Stone
Helen Michael

Appointed Members and Members from Campus Libraries:

Anne Marie Crotty
Lisa Doherty
Valerie Downs
Emma Duncan
Luba Frastacky
Isabelle Gibb
Elaine Granatstein
Joanne Kathan
Pam King
Bea Lawford
Jane Lynch
Suzanne Meyers Sawa
Marte Misiek
Elizabeth Seres
Laurie Scott
Kent Weaver

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