Minutes of Library Council September 24, 2003


  1. Minutes of the meeting of May 14th, 2003

  2. Business Arising

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian - Carole Moore

  4. ITS Update - Peter Clinton

  5. Access Authentication Scheme - Michael Edmunds/Lari Langford

  6. Library Council Elections Notification - Lachlan McNair

  7. SIRSI Staff Survey - Judy Snow

  8. VDX Implementation Project - Helen Michael

  9. Circulation Services Committee Annual Report - Jan Maclean

  10. Library Council Meeting Dates, 2003-2004

  11. Other business


Minutes of the meeting of Wednesday, February 12, 2003, 2nd floor conference room, Robarts Library.

Present: Clark, J., Clinton, P., Cozzi, S. (Chair), DeDiego, I., Devakos, R., Grof, G., Healey, R., Langlands, S., MacLean, J., Masters, A., McArthur, L., McLeod, D., McNair, L., Moore, C., Newman, J., Ruscillo, M., Snow, J., Stone, S., Santeramo, A. (Recording Secretary)

Regrets: Chase, V., Cheng, A., Cummins, M., Dondertman, A., Dorskind, S., Downs, V., Fleming, D., Forbes, S., Holder, R., Jaffray, C., Meindl., P., Newman, S., Prociuk, I., Sardone, F., Singh, N., Socknat, C., Thierry-Broad, A., U. A.

Guests: Crichton Patterson, J., Langford, L., Michael, H., Rae, A., Sewerin, C.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of May 14, 2003
    Page 3, second paragraph should read: "place their own holds". Page 3, second paragraph on second line should read: "patron holds".

    Gabriele Grof moved acceptance of the minutes, seconded by Mary Ruscillo. All members in attendance approved the minutes with the above noted changes.

  2. Business arising: A member asked if the functionality for holds is now available and if it is now possible to place a hold online?

    Answer: It is hoped that this function will become available October 1, 2003. The Chair added that the vendor file has been slimmed down to approximately 80,000 records, which have now been entered into the SIRSI database.

  3. Report of the Chief Librarian:

    University of Toronto Annual Barbeque
    Carole Moore reported that the 2nd annual BBQ lunch for staff, students and faculty, which is sponsored by the Alumni, was very well attended today. There were approximately 8,000 servings made available.

    The White Paper
    The Chief Librarian announced that this document will become available shortly. The Provost is still receiving feedback.

    Storage Facility
    A Committee, chaired by the Chief Librarian and planning and facilities members, has been formed and will have its first meeting tomorrow. It was noted that such committees are not usually formed unless there is a strong chance that the project will go ahead. The terms of reference of this Committee will be the long-term planning for a storage facility, one that will include space for 5 million volumes and 20 years of collection growth. All libraries on campus are at their storage capacity at this time.

    The University is preparing a two page guide for faculty. The text will become part of a web site that will include more detailed information. This guide is intended to answer key questions on copyright. The Chief Librarian welcomed any suggestions for this guide such as frequently asked questions along with short answers. The University's lawyers will finalize everything. Please send any questions or suggestions directly to Carole Moore.

  4. ITS Update:

    SIRSI System
    Peter Clinton reported on the CANMARC records and authorities. Susan Cozzi, Thomas Chan and Elizabeth Black are working on steps to have the database in place shortly.

    Hold Activities in SIRSI
    October 1st will be the date for hold related activities to become effective. Thomas Chan is working with SIRSI on extraction of the materials booking module data.

    Old VAX VMS System
    On November 1, 2003, the @library.utoronto.ca address will no longer be recognized. If you are still having mail arrive at vax.library.utoronto.ca you will need to inform the individual sending you the e-mail. Carla Hagstrom is contacting people on current lists still using the @library address.

    Personal Computers
    Rollout is now complete. Some old machines remain in scattered areas.

    Ontario Scholars' Portal Database
    This is run by ITS on the Science Server System on behalf of Ontario Colleges and University Libraries. There are several new and important databases. For example, full text journals from Psych Articles of the American Psychological Association are now available. Back issues of Elsevier journals are gradually being loaded with a completion date of January, 2004 anticipated. Others such as Blackwell and Project News will be loaded later. The Ontario Scholars' Portal Database will become a significant place to look for journal content.

    Questions arising:
    Is the 2003 version of the SIRSI coming soon?
    Answer: We may see transition to 2003 over the Christmas break. Susan Cozzi can explain more specifically the fine points of each of the functional areas. She added that details of changes in functionality would be summarized later. Data are still being collected. Version 2003 will go into the test database early in October; an announcement will be made when it is available. Peter added that this will be more of a minor release but, if training is required, we will wait until the next available optimal opportunity to implement Version 2003 in production mode.

    Will the CANMARC files duplicate the data in AMICUS and will it still be necessary to keep both? Answer: The Chair reported that the cataloguers feel that it is worthwhile acquiring and loading CANMARC records locally and making them accessible via Smartport as this eliminates any potential network problems. As well, the records are easier for the cataloguers to work with than the versions accessible in AMICUS. Our contract with SIRSI specifies our entitlement to a specific number of instances of UNICORN and the two CANMARC databases will reserve two of these for us.

    Where are we with the project of loading the U of T bibliographic records into RLIN?
    Answer: Susan Cozzi reported that a survey has been conducted among the campus libraries in order to obtain their permission for inclusion of their records in this project. She is working with a specialist from RLIN in clarifying display issues with regard to location and holdings information. The East Asian and ROM Far Eastern files are to be excluded from record export as these locations are already in the RLIN database.

    Have there been any reports from staff concerning access difficulties when using "My Access"? Answer: Peter Clinton reported that the difficulties are not with this service but with users not reading instructions properly. Adrienne Broad is working with the Web Group in refining user instructions and noted that problems are already diminishing significantly.

  5. Access Authentication Scheme

    Michael Edmunds reported that authentication was initially conducted by an attendant by reviewing the user's library card. It was later agreed that a database would be built to give a unique identifier to all U of T staff, students and faculty. The database is called UTORAUTH. This project is part of Computing and Networking Services. We can now control who uses computers and can make users accountable for their own use. This project was launched in the Information Commons on August 25, 2003. All one needs to do is sit at a station, enter an id and begin to work. Some computers have been locked down and are accessible only through UTORid login procedures. Other libraries involved are the John M. Kelly Library, Victoria University Library, Trinity College Library, Gerstein Science Information Centre, and possibly other campus libraries in the near future.

    On the 1st day in Information Commons there were 150 requests. Now, on average, there are 1,500 to 2,000 per day. In all, 31,500 users have been authenticated since August 25, 2003 and requests have been authorized made by 7,500 UTORid users. Trinity and other campus libraries have had quite a few requests for id authorization as well.

    User Categories
    The main usage is by faculty, staff and students, and by some alumni members as well. At some point we will have reciprocal borrowers such as from York University, etc. as they too will have accounts to enable them to apply for authentication. For users coming off the street, the ability to create a guest account exists but a time limitation is applied. Guest accounts have access to all services. The federated colleges are included and everyone is very excited.

    Questions arising:
    What is the mechanism that makes this type of authentication unique?
    Answer: Lari Langford reported that the database uses a unique number. Each user will never know his/her unique identifier.

    Will a handout be provided about this new type of authentication?
    Answer: Michael Edmunds reported that instructions will be available on the computers.

    Are there any restrictions or limitations? For example, if a user has low vision problems, could the required software be loaded to facilitate vision?
    Answer: A project is underway with disability services and they are investigating this. No date of availability has been set. As for time limitations, a limit of six hours per day is being considered. Lari added that time can be added to accounts if required at the Information Desk. No cost involved in guest accounts. This is comparable to other libraries in the world. This has arrived just in time for the double cohort as we want the best service we can provide our own students.

    Will all of this information on authentication become available on the library's web site?
    Answer: No, because UTORid has been around for some time now. Flyers for new students are provided when they obtain their Tcard. Additional information will become available later and we could possibly include it on the web site.

  6. Library Council Elections Notification

    Lachlan McNair reported that all terms expire at the end of this month. The new term begins in October 2003 and ends on September 30, 2005. Nomination forms will be distributed via e-mail later this afternoon. All full-time or part-time members of the regular staff of the Central Library other than senior staff will receive them. There are two constituencies: non-union staff (8 members) and union staff (10 members). The rules will be available on the forms. Nominations will run for seven days. Nominations will be open until Friday, October 3. Three days will be available for correcting nominations, a process that should be completed by October 8. If an election is required, it would be possible to postpone the next Library Council meeting for one week.

  7. SIRSI Staff Survey

    Staff Survey on SIRSI Judy Snow reviewed the history of this Survey. It grew out of the efforts of the Great Library Service Working Group and their "Blueprint for Training" As part of this initiative, a general survey on training was undertaken two years ago in order to identify gaps that needed to be addressed. It was made clear by survey respondents that SIRSI training needed to be the chief focus at that time. There were 59 respondents: 40 from Central Libraries and 19 from campus libraries. There was not a large response to any one particular subject but some suggestions were made for future sessions. The survey results are available on the Staff Development web site (http://www.library.utoronto.ca/staffdevelopment/). Since a number of training sessions have occurred since the Spring survey, and staff have had more practice with SIRSI, the results are now being reviewed in order to assess whether needs have changed. To assist in this review, a short survey has been posted on the same website. Staff are asked whether training needs are still the same and ore given the opportunity to suggest other areas of training for consideration.

  8. VDX Implementation Project

    Helen Michael reviewed her report with Council members. VDX (Virtual Document eXchange) is a product of Fretwell Downing Inc. currently used in the United Kingdom, Australia and in North America as well as the South Ontario Public Library System. U of T's implementation is part of a project being conducted by the OCUL Libraries and will be supported out of the Information Technology Services Department at UTL. The new system is currently in test mode at the University of Toronto Library. Those libraries already live on VDX include Brock, Ryerson, Trent, Guelph, Carleton, Lakehead, Waterloo, York Law, Windsor, Wilfrid Laurier, and Western. The U of T model is based on having 10 libraries in full service. The database is online. There is delivery between Robarts, UTM and UTSC. If requests cannot be filled, the home library will receive the request. The "go live" date is November 5, 2003.

    Questions arising:
    Will each library be able to generate its own statistics?
    Answer: A reporting system does generate statistics for individual libraries.

    Is there a limit to the number of requests that can be made?
    Answer: Requests can be made if an item is available; the limit is the number of copies that are available. Another limit is the maximum concurrent number of items that can be checked out according to borrower class. For example, the limit is 50 for undergraduates.

  9. Circulation Services Committee Annual Report

    The Chair introduced Jan MacLean as the new Chair of this Committee. Jan works in the Music Library. She reviewed the Report with Council members.

    Questions arising:
    Could the new service allowing users to place holds be delayed until November 5th?
    Answer: No. Although this service had been linked to the ability to place interlibrary loan requests in the OPAC, the delay of the VDX implementation will not delay the holds service. It will proceed on October 1st as planned.

    Are we prepared for the double cohort with regard to circulation services?
    Answer: It is expected that the availability of additional self serve options will absorb much of the impact.

    Acceptance of the Report was moved by Don McLeod, seconded by Sandra Langlands. All members in attendance voted in favour of acceptance of the Report.

  10. Library Council Meeting Dates, 2003-2004

    The Chair noted that future meeting dates have been included with this meeting's documentation. They will be distributed again at the next meeting for the benefit of the new members.

  11. Other Business:

    Janice Crichton Patterson announced that the Academic Resource Centre (ARC) at the Scarborough campus will have its official opening on Wednesday, November 5, beginning at 4:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend. Further information will become available and a formal invitation extended. Some of the collection is now available to students. Portions of the buildings are open, the lecture theatre that seats 500 students for example. Most of the collection is on site.

    Lari Langford announced that 24 X 5 services were launched again this past weekend. This is the 3rd year that the Library has offered this very popular service.

  12. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

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