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Minutes, Wednesday September 25, 1996
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library

Present: S. Brown (guest), B. Horne, J. Clark, P. Clinton (guest), E. Collins (guest), S. Cozzi (guest), E. Fillion, O. Floegl-Huntley (guest), G. Grof, R. Healey, G. Heaton, W. Holder (guest), K. Khera, L. Langford (guest), M. Lee, J. Leishman, K. McMorrow, L. McNair, R. Marks (guest), K. Martyn, A. Masters, C. Matthews, V. Mueller, M. Roddy, E. Schlauch, D. Simos, A. Thierry-Broad (guest), K. Turko (guest), A. U (guest), L. Ulanday, P. Uppal, I. Wagle.

Absent: E. Aer, M. George, R. Landon, B. Oziewicz, P. Yamamoto.
Next Meeting Wednesday November 27, 1997
2nd floor Conference Room
Robarts Library


1. Minutes of the meeting held 27 June 1996
Change date of the meeting to 27 June 1996. Accepted as corrected.


  1. Minutes of the meeting of 25 September 1996

  2. Business arising from the minutes

  3. Chief Librarian's report (C. Moore)

  4. Circulation Services Users' Committee Annual Report (R. Gocht) [Acceptance]

  5. Working Group on Undergraduate Services progress report (L. Avison) [Discussion]

  6. Materials Processing Implementation Team report (E. Schlauch) [Update/Discussion]

  7. Policies and Guidelines for the Acquisition, Access, Preservation and Storage of Electronic Materials - Draft Oct. 16/96 (S. Brown)
    [Discussion] *This document is found on a separate e-mail message.

  8. Measurement of database use (P. Clinton) [Information]

  9. Other business

2. Business arising
A. Cheng is looking after the question of copyright signs on photocopy machines. The revival of the ITS Newsletter will be announced in the Staff Update.

3. Chief Librarian's report
C. Moore introduced C. Matthews, Erindale College Librarian, as new member of the Council, and Ruth Marks, formerly OISE Librarian, and now doing research on the potential benefits of consortial purchase arrangements for electronic materials. Ms. Moore reviewed progress achieved over the summer on Library plans:

4. Acquisitions Users' Group (Subcommittee on Committees)
E. Schlauch presented draft terms of reference for this committee. It was pointed out that the third ex-officio member is to be S. Cozzi. Duly moved and seconded, Council approved the proposal.

5. Staff Development Committee Annual Report
A. Thierry-Broad presented the report. The committee plans to conduct a survey of senior staff to find out what department heads see as training needs. They also plan to consult staff and open direct lines of communications, most likely through e-mail. More trainers will be recruited. The third edition of the Guide to Staff Development Programs will be published after the consultation process. The committee has found that courses that teach skills that will not be immediately used are not in demand. It was suggested that the committee consult with the Sub-Committee on Committees if they need any advice.

6. Committee on Bibliographic Access report on Cataloguing Priorities
L. Langford presented the report the committee prepared for the Materials Processing Implementation Team. It was clarified that previous cataloguing priorities dealt only with what was catalogued first. Mixed media should be included under multimedia. It was suggested that the guidelines that Collection Development would develop should include music scores. It was also suggested that a sentence be added (possibly under #6) to the effect that microform sets will be bought with cataloguing, if the set includes this tool. Concern was expressed by some participants in the meeting regarding non English or French materials, which are likely to receive brieflisting. A question arose as to who will decide what proportion of foreign language material will be brieflisted. The Music Librarian expressed concern regarding music scores and music material that comes in other languages. It is hoped that selectors and public service staff will make collective decisions to deal with these questions in the best possible way. It was pointed out that the challenge was to make the backlog accessible with one half the number of staff processing materials. Whenever records are available, the material will receive full cataloguing.

E. Collins, Chair of the Reference Services Committee, presented a motion put forward by her committee (distributed at the meeting), which recommends that an impact statement be appended to the final Priorities for Cataloguing to be submitted to the Materials Processing Implementation Team. Duly moved and seconded, Council approved the proposal.

7. Materials Processing Implementation Team Draft final report
E. Schlauch presented the report. He pointed out that some recommendations are already being implemented as the DRA acquisitions module is implemented. Staff reductions are also influencing the implementation of some recommendations. Concerns were raised by participants in the meeting regarding the treatment of material in languages other than English and French. A question was raised as to the possibility of waiting for 6 months for the LC record to be available. The new system's aim is to avoid duplicate handling. The new way of processing materials is supposed to enable the Library to handle the 100,000 or more books in the backlog. As technology for bringing in records improves, more material will get full cataloguing. A pilot project was suggested involving representative foreign language records wherein half would be catalogued immediately, half catalogued after a specified period of time, and the results analysed. It was pointed out that the third para. from the bottom on p. 6 is out of sync with the report of the Bibliographic Access Committee. It was also mentioned that staff are having to split their time in so many ways that at times it gets difficult to handle the work. Ms. Moore congratulated the Team for their work on dealing with a very difficult task and thanked participants in the meeting for their very valid points and suggestions. She asked the Council to keep in mind that rapid changes in technology will have a positive impact on the availability of records, including materials in other languages. She will welcome further feedback as will the Implementation Team, before considering the final report.

8. Science Information Services update report
J. Leishman reported that SCISIT met last week and reviewed the report's recommendations and their status. The group will meet officially again in June, and in the interim it will act as a watchdog. B. Horne has been appointed Head of Access and Information. The appointment of a Reference Services Head will be announced in next week's Update. The posting for a Head of Resource Sharing will be out next week. Discussions are beginning regarding changes in workflow and staff responsibilities. The effectiveness of the organization is dependent on renovations; therefore, the Gerstein Centre will be moving ahead with space planning and fundraising. The task force on collection development policies in the sciences will be activated by the beginning of November.

9. Elsevier Project

E. Granatstein reported that ITS is moving very quickly in providing access to electronic journals. Next week the Library will be able to access Elsevier, Academic Press and Institute of Physics databases.

10. Question Period
"How did the Gerstein Science Information Centre get the name?": J. Leishman responded. The Frank Gerstein Charitable Foundation is active in supporting health research. The Foundation donated $1 million for the Science & Medicine Library, and it continues to be supportive of theUniversity. The new name reflects the wider view of the scope of the Library.

11. Other business

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