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Annual Report of the Serials Users Group
May 26, 2004 by Carmen Königsreuther Socknat, Chair

Members: Sharon Dyas-Correia (Roba), Steve Greiner (Roba), Pamela Strachan (Rotman), Patricia Tam (Rotman) , Barbara Chu (Physics), Neil Allen (Engineering), Cristina Sewerin (Engineering), Lisa Doherty (Arch), Mary Ann Nowlan (UTM), Mary Canning (UTM), Elizabeth Meyers (Vic), Nancy Wesson (Vic), Teri-Lynn Janveau (SMC), Dave Hagelaar (SMC), Lorna Young (Regis), Marlene Cummins (Astronomy), Suzanne Meyers Sawa (Music), Sirpa Ruotsalainen (Trin), Lynette Arnold (OISE), Mi-Ryung Kim (OISE), Stephanie Swift (OISE), Fu-Rong Hsieh (EAS), Sylvia Newman (Gerstein), Marte Misiek (FIS), Rosie Epelbaum (UTS), Kathryn Roberts (Law), Carla Hagstrom (ITS), Sunhee Ro (United Church Archives), Len Ferstman (Innis), Irene Wu (ROM), PJ Macdougall (Massey), Carmen Garcia (Mount Sinai), Gail Nichol (Earthsci), Lynn Barrett (Earthsci),. Chair: Carmen Königsreuther Socknat (Vic).

The Serials Users Group held four meetings during the past year - Oct. 22, 2003, Feb.19, 2004, May 17, 2004 and May 19, 2004. These were training sessions and problem solving opportunities, as well as information sessions on updates to Sirsi. Oct. 22nd was a full day workshop for 18 people to provide basic training and review for those requiring it. Feb. 19th was a morning session highlighting procedures, and answering questions /solving problems brought by members of the Group. May 17th and 19th were two morning sessions on Marc holdings for serials for a total of 36 people.

The focus of the Group is shifting from training to problem solving and information sharing, and will continue to develop in this direction now that most of the basic training is completed. However, some training will always be necessary as more libraries are deciding to use the serials client and new features are added to the client. Participation in the Group continues to increase as libraries see the benefits of being on the listserv and attending the sessions.

There was continued interaction between the Serials Users' Group and other Departments and Users' Groups - in conjunction with Collection Development procedures were developed for creating order records for subscriptions and standing orders. The issue of concatenation of serials continues to be monitored through the Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group; and the chair of the Serials Users Group was invited to participate in the Reference Services Committee's Sub-committee on Opac display.

As chair of the Serials Users Group, I continue to encourage members of the Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group to attend Serials meetings and/or join the Serials listserv, and members of the Serials Users Group to attend Cataloguing and Authorities Users Group meetings and/or join the Cataloguing or Acquisitions listserv. This fosters a greater understanding of issues of mutual concern, such as serials concatenation, marc holdings and subscription orders.

The mandate of the Group has been broadened to include all issues surrounding serials in the database, not only training issues, and it will certainly examine these, but having said that, there is a need for a strong focus on training and problem-solving sessions to deal with new features and versions as needed.

The Serials Users Group is continuing to prove itself a useful liaison between User Groups and a forum for a wide range of serials issues.

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