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University of Toronto Central Library System

Report of the Serials Users Group Annual Report 1998/1999


Ex Officio -
M. Rosenstock (Head, Collection Development)
Edward Schlauch (Coordinator, Acquisitions and Serials)
Maureen Lee (Head, Serials Section)
Carla Hagstrom (DRA User Support Librarian)

Appointed -
Elvi Aer (Order Section)
Steve Greiner (Serials Cataloguing)
Nicole Nunes (Serials Section)
Connie DaSilva-Borges (Per. Reading Room, Robarts)
Elaine Granatstein (Reference Services Committee)
One member from each library unit and campus library using
the DRA Serials Check-in module (another 12-15 people)

The Serials Users Group is the logical extension of the Serials Implementation Group, and has only been recently formed as a standing committee of Library Council. In our new role we have met twice so far this year, on February 17th and April 29th. The next meeting is June 30th.

Issues discussed and dealt with to date:

Terms of reference. These were discussed and approved as presented. There was an emphasis on the need for communication between this group and others such as the Reference Services Committee, Cataloguing and Authority Users Group and the Council of Campus Libraries.

Communication. A listserv has been set up for the group.

Problem solving. There are now two regular meetings for members who have questions about the module. On the first Tuesday of every month there is a session for demonstrations and general problems; every second week there is a work session where people can discuss specific problems that they have submitted in advance. Both meetings are organized by Victor Dreger.

Claims. The claims function of the module is the major issue facing the group at this point - some libraries report a high rate of error and others are still assessing the situation. A working group has been formed to look into the matter, headed by Victor Dreger and consisting of representatives from Scarborough, OISE, Victoria University and Engineering. Reports and claims will be run on a schedule to coincide with these meetings.

DRA SIRS. The group submitted the suggestion that the Web2 interface allow for the display of full serials information in the OPAC. The present Web interface does not display the summary holdings or the expected issue date.

Other serials issues. The Cataloguing and Authority Users Group has formed a subgroup on serials and since the Serials Users Group has members in common, we look forward to an exchange of information.

DRAGNET '98. We will be sending one member with a sound knowledge of the serials module who will report back to the group.

Submitted to Library Council Meeting May 27, 1998
Carmen Socknat (Chair)

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