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Report of the Serials Users Group Annual Report 1999/2000

This was the Serials Users Group's third year as a standing committee of Library Council and we had one meeting on October 4, 1999.

Many issues and problems that we had experienced over the past years have been solved or are now under control, the most important of these being the claims.

Although we no longer feel the need as a group for regular problem-solving sessions, the group is active informally on the listserv to answer questions, and Edward Schlauch has made himself available as a resource person.

The group made submissions to DRA SIRS in October 1999 and April 2000.

The group expects to hold future meetings around TAOS implementation issues and will maintain contact with the serials subgroup of Netcat, the Central library serials implementation group, and the Reference Services committee to that effect; however, since these groups are also waiting for TAOS and the Web II interface, we will postpone until more definite information is available.

Judy Mills (Engineering), Sylvia Newman (Gerstein); Anica Bakalic-Radie (OISE), Sandra Langlands (Gerstein and Reference Services Committee liason), Marte Misiek (FIS), Rosita Epelbaum (Scarborough), Fu-Rong Hsieh-Mucha (East Asian Library), Steve Greiner (Serials), Elvi Aer (Orders), Nona Brodsky (Erindale), Karen Allen (Erindale), Kathryn Roberts (Law), Mi-Ryung Kim (OISE), Alan MacIntyre (ECSI), C. Da Silva Borges (Robarts), Nicole Nunes (Robarts). Ex officio: M. Rostenstock, E. Schlauch, M. Lee, C. Hagstrom.

Submitted by

Carmen Konigsreuther Socknat  Chairperson

April 25, 2000

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