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Annual Report of the Staff Development Committee
January 2002-January 2003

In the Spring of 2002 an on-line survey of Library staff was conducted to determine their training and development needs. One hundred and seventy responses were received, ninety percent indicating satisfaction with training and development opportunities provided by the Committee. Some needs identified by the majority included Basic Bibliographic Management, and advanced courses in HTML, Access , and Power Point . Some others included instruction in University of Toronto electronic resources, copyright and supervisory and training skills The Committee has already provided courses to address some of the needs identified and will use the survey as a basis for planning training and development activities for the coming year.

Other training/development activities and sessions provided and/or facilitated this year included :

  • registration for SIRSI training
  • Accessibility Information
  • URLEncoded
  • Introduction to CUPE Local 1230 Collective agreement
  • Techniques for dealing with stress
  • Living/.working with stress
  • Access 97, Level 3
  • Fund Raising campaign -Information session
  • Student Orientation sessions and tours
  • Power Point 97 Level 3
  • Back care
  • Health and Safety for employees
  • Emergency procedures in the Library
  • Ergonomics and CTS
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Library and Writing Instructors-Where we connect
  • The Art Museum Image Consortium

Focus for 2003-2004

Continue to monitor and identify training and development needs of library staff and provide opportunities for them to acquire necessary skills.

Respectfully submitted

Ex-officio, Solange Silverberg

Appointed Librarians
Dan D'Agostino
Tom Finlay
Debbie Green
Lari Langford

Administrative Staff, Edith Sinclair

Unionized Staff
Dana Kuszelewski
Yvonne Ramcharan
Adrienne Thierry-Broad

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