Library Council
University of Toronto Central Library System

Staff Development Committee. Annual Report 1998 - January 1999

January 1999 Chair, Adrienne Thierry-Broad

Accomplished Goals

  1. Provided the following training and development activities for staff from Central and Campus Libraries:

  2. Introduction to Windows 95, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
    Over 20 sessions. 250 participants. Initial focus on Introductory level, being followed by Intermediate level in these programmes.

  3. "The Computer : a communication philosophy"
    Two sessions. 65 participants.Received excellent reviews. Repeats requested.

  4. "Beyond 20/20 software -1996 Census of Canada population products"
    Two sessions. 36 participantS. Repeat sessions being provided for Faculty.

  5. ERRG Learn-In 1999
    19 sessions. Over 280 participants. The Library's second ERRG Learn-In offered all campus and central library staff the opportunity to attend sessions on various electronic resources and strategies. Some of these sessions were offered in response to the Needs Assessment Survey. Excellent response and demand resulted in a repeat of a number of the presentations, which will subsequently also be provided for faculty.

  6. Topics included :
    Britannica Online
    Database Searching: Basic Building Blocks (x2)
    Explore the Environmental Databases
    Government Publications for the Sciences
    Embase; the other Medline
    Finding it on the Web at U. of T. (x2)
    Search Strategies on the Internet (x2)
    Balisoft LiveContact
    Searching and Using Full-Text Journals (x2)
    Meta Search Engines
    Expanded Academic Index
    SilverPlatter Databases
    Web of Science-Citation Indexes

  7. Health and Safety Sessions.
    These included sessions on Repetitive Strain Injury, Back care and Crisis Intervention

  8. Orientation sessions for ALTS and GALTS
    5 sessions. 125 participants

  9. Follow-up Orientation Sessions for ALTS and GALTS
    1. Crisis Intervention
    2. UTORDIal (in collaboration with Information Commons)

  10. Brenda Dervin Are We having Fun yet? Serving Users Well in an Imploding Information/Communication Environment.
    Over 50 registrants. The presentation was the first of a Mini Series : Reference and Instruction for the new Millenium:, being organized by a subcommittee of the Reference Services Committee, in collaboration with the Staff Development Committee and LAUT. It was very well received by those who attended.

  11. Purchased software manuals and made available on 90 day loan for all library staff to promote and support independent learning.

  12. facilitated mtg between Department Heads/Supervisors and Health and Safety Officer to establish what Health and Safety concerns/issues they recommend be addressed in future sessions.

  13. in process - Staff Development Cttee website - will provide library staff with information resources related to training and development activities, a mechanism for queries/input relating to these and on-line registration for training/development activities provided by Cttee.

  14. administered and analysed a Needs Assessment survey of central and campus library staff from all employee groups to determine training and development needs and identify what contributed to the success of training programmes. The majority of respondents emphasized the importance of good trainers and courses which are timely, practical and focussed. Respondents indicated that considerable on-going training in computer skills , electronic resources and many other topics is needed.

Focus for 1999/2000

  1. Continue to identify, establish and utilize training and development resources and facilities and initiate programmes which will contribute to the effective acquisition of skills and knowledge of library staff.

  2. the Staff Development Committee is available for consultation or to assist in any way to ensure high quality training related to the transition to TAOS.

  3. review and address results of Needs Assessment survey , identify priorities in terms of choice , sequence and timing of programmes and recommend next steps.

  4. continue programmes at Intemediate and Advanced level on computer skills training.

  5. continue to evaluate and explore approaches to training and development in order to ensure provision of training and related training/tools is of a high quality.

  6. launch fully-operational Staff Development Web site

  7. arrange for Labour Relations to provide sessions for supervisors working in a unionized environment.

  8. work in collaboration with other library committees to solicit their input on training and development needs.

  9. initiate an exchange of ideas and information on staff training and development activities with counterparts in other institutions.

  10. The Staff Development Cttee. would like to propose that consideration be given to the establishment of additional electronic instruction lab. facilities in order to enable the provision of timely training.

  11. Committee Members
    • Ex-officio
      Solange Silverberg
      Designate, Personnel Manager

    • Appointed Librarians
      Dan D'Agostino
      Tom Finlay
      Robin Healey
      Jenny Mendelsohn

    • Administrative Staff
      Katherine Winterton
      Perry Hall

    • Unionized Staff
      Mary Roddy
      Yvonne Ramcharan
      Adrienne Thierry-Broad

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