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Theses Committee. Annual Report 1998

December 10. 1998
Chair, Karen Turko

Following on from the contract signed by the National Library of Canada with University Microfilms International to provide microfilming, database and copy distribution services for Canadian theses, the U of T backlog of theses, which comprised all theses accepted since March 1997, was sent out to be processed. As of this reporting almost all of the originals are filmed and the fiche returned to the Library. Electronic access to our own theses, which comes to each participating Library as part of the agr ment, has not yet been implemented. The receipt of these files is awaiting the outcome of a consultation effort on the part of the National Library with the various schools of graduate studies in the country. Also part of the agreement with UMI is the provision of catalogue records for the theses, and arrangements have been made to have these records transmitted to us by ftp.

Early last Spring the Theses Committee and interested others had a meeting with a representative from the NLC to discuss the impact of this new agreement with UMI on various aspects of library service at U of T. In light of the many issues to be resolved, the National Library has made arrangements with U of T Library to hire a librarian from Preservation Services on a contractual basis for a period of six months to work on resolving these issues country wide. The staff member in question began work on this project on November 17, 1998.

Other than the above, the issues which arose during the last year were minor in nature and dealt mainly with work flow of theses. Once the full extent of the new agreement with UMI has been implemented and all services promised are being provided, the Chair will seek the Committee's help in looking at the implications for work flow here in the Library and for advice for the School of Graduate Studies in the area of electronic theses. This process should be taking place soon.

The Chair would again like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Committee for advice and help.

Karen Turko
U of T Library Theses Coordinator
Chair, Theses Committee
4 January 1999

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