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Annual Report of the Theses Committee
January 30, 2004 By Karen Turko, Chair

The Theses Committee met only once in the last year.

At this point, all theses and dissertations that were microfilmed from the beginning of the National Filming Programme until 1997 have been scanned and included in Proquest Dissertations. This amounts to 3,807 Masters and 11,388 PhD theses and dissertations. Since 1978, all theses and dissertations produced at UT are included in Proquest Dissertations.

UT is very satisfied with the service being offered by Proquest. Turn around time is excellent and UTL has recently started to use MARC records supplied by Proquest as part of the service agreement.

The present agreement between Proquest and the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) on behalf of the National Theses Programme will be in effect until 2005. The LAC is investigating a way of handling Canadian theses along the lines of the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations, that is, enabling institutions to digitize and mount their own theses themselves if they want to do this. At the same time LAC has mounted a National Theses Portal at At this point 31,271 theses are available on this portal and there are plans to load another 14,000 soon. This undertaking at LAC may have implications for the future form that the National Theses Programme will take, and also for UT's future direction. A meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Theses is scheduled for early March and information coming out of this meeting will be disseminated to UTL's Theses Committee, SGS and other interested parties.

The Chair would like to thank the members of the Committee for their help and advice. The members are as follows:

Bella Almeida - Resource Sharing
Valerie Downs - OISE/UT
Barbara Edwards - University Archives
Bonnie Horne - Gerstein Library
Carol Jaffray - Bibliographic Processing
Felicity Pickup - General Reference
Christina Tooulias-Santolin - Access and Information
John Toyonaga - Bindery

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