A series of old-spelling, SGML-encoded editions
of early individual copies of English Renaissance books and manuscripts,
and of plain transcriptions of such works,
published on the World Wide Web as a free resource for students of the period.

From A Direction for the English Traviller By which he Shal be inabled to Coast about all England and Wales. London: Mathew Simons, 1635. STC 10420. Amsterdam and New York: Da Capo Press / Theatrvm Orbis Terrarvm Ltd., 1969.

GENERAL EDITOR: Ian Lancashire

PUBLISHER: Web Development Group
University of Toronto Library


  1. The Elizabethan Homilies 1623. Ed. Ian Lancashire. RET Editions 1.2. 1994, 1997.

  2. Edmund Coote. The English School-maister. Ed. Ian Lancashire, co-edited by Linda Hutjens, Brent Nelson, Robert Whalen, and Tanya Wood. RET Editions 2.1. 1997.

  3. SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS. Ed. Hardy M. Cook and Ian Lancashire. RET Editions 3.1. 1998.


  1. Robert Cawdrey. A Table Alphabetical of Hard Usual English Words. Ed. Raymond Siemens. RET Texts 1.1. 1994.

  2. George Cavendish. The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey. Ed. Richard S. Sylvester. Early English Text Society No. 243 (London: Oxford University Press, 1959). Copytext: British Library Egerton 2402. Electronic transcription by Ian Lancashire, assisted by Robert Whalen. RET Texts 2.1.


  1. Early Modern English Dictionaries Database

Supplementary Studies

  1. Ian Lancashire. RET Encoding Guidelines. 1994, 1997. RET Supplementary Studies 1.2.

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