Purpose of the Awards:

The STAR awards acknowledge the extraordinary work of library staff by recognizing notable team accomplishments. These awards directly align with the Library's Strategic Plan by: cultivating a positive, transparent, and responsive organization; delivering excellent service; fostering a culture of innovation; embracing a diversity of ideas, languages, and skills; promoting continuous professional growth and learning at all staff levels; and raising awareness of each other's accomplishments.

Nomination Instructions:

A team consists of two (2) or more library staff members who worked together on a new initiative or ongoing library service/activity. We encourage nominators to confirm the team members with the team’s supervisor. This will ensure that nominations most accurately reflect the team make-up. This information is important to ensure that all members of the team are properly recognized and so that the STAR Awards Committee can follow up with team members if they have questions. Additional instructions are included within the nomination form.

  1. The nomination form is a fillable PDF. Please complete all sections.
  2. Please choose two (2) Strategic Plan priorities and one (1) award category-specific assessment criterion. All nominations will describe how the nominated team demonstrates superior collaboration.
  3. Explain how the nominated team meets the specific objectives and criterion in the space provided. Please provide specific examples (maximum 300 words each).
  4. Each nomination requires one (1) letter of support which should:
  • Be from individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the initiative, project, or ongoing library service/activity; and,
  • Represent an individual who has benefited from the efforts of the team being nominated.
  • Be a maximum of one (1) page in length.

STAR Awards

There are two STAR Award categories that will be used to recognize contribution of team members: 

Library Innovation Award

To recognize a team working on a new project, service or other innovation, whether it be small or large.

Library On-Going Excellence Award

To acknowledge a team's unwavering, consistently excellent, and collegial service demonstrated year after year.

Criteria for Selection

Detailed guidelines for nominations are available in the within the nomination form. Submissions will be scored based on the following criteria:

1. Strategic Priorities

Nominations will describe how their team meets two (2) strategic priorities described in the UTL Strategic Plan. 

More detail, context, and further accompanying information can be found on the UTL Strategic Plan webpage, available at

2. Collaboration

All nominations will describe how their team demonstrates superior collaboration.

3. Award Category-Specific Assessment Criteria

Nominations will describe how their team demonstrates one of the following criteria: 

If you selected Innovation as the award category, please describe how the nominating team demonstrates a superior example of innovation

If you selected Ongoing Excellence as the award category, please describe how the nominating team demonstrates superior service and value

Deadline for Submission:

The deadline to submit the completed nomination form and one (1) letter of support is June 22, 2018.

Please submit all information by email to the Staff Team Appreciation & Recognition Committee Chair Daniela Ansovini at

Thank you for your time and effort to recognize the contributions of our library members!