About the STAR Committee

STAR: Staff Team and Staff Award

2018 S.T.A.R. Committee Members

Committee Members:


Daniela Ansovini (Chair), Archivist, UTARMS

Bill Chau, Finance Lab Manager, UTSC

Julie Hannaford, Deputy Chief Librarian, UTL

Hana Kim, Director of the East Asian Library, UTL

Jess Whyte, Digital Preservation Intake Coordinator Librarian, UTL


Terms of Reference for Committee


The University of Toronto Libraries’ Staff Team Appreciation and Recognition (S.T.A.R.) Committee was established by the Chief Librarian to promote excellence, at all levels within the library system, by recognizing teams committed to positively shaping the library.

The Committee is responsible for:

  1. Developing and enhancing the Terms of Reference that will guide the Committee in an objective and transparent manner to ensure fairness and equity of the awards process.
  2. Determining an appropriate timeline allowing for the nomination process and the selection of the awards recipients.
  3. Recommending a time and place to present the awards. The award presentation should:
    1. Create awareness of the award.
    2. Ensure integrity, value, and prestige of the award for all 44 U of T libraries.
    3. Encourage excellence, teamwork and collaboration at all levels of all libraries at U of T.
  4. Soliciting nominations from staff members, at all levels of the library system, aimed at recognizing teams through the two awards. Nomination forms should be developed using specific criteria that will allow for a fair and transparent scoring process. The nomination forms should be accessible by all staff members and should be easy to submit. The Committee should continually review and update the nomination forms as necessary.
  5. Selecting teams through an objective and transparent review and scoring process to ensure the integrity of the selection process.
  6. Making necessary recommendations to improve the process of recognizing key teams of the University of Toronto Libraries.

Committee Membership and Term

  • The Committee will be selected by the Chief Librarian through a call for nominations.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • As much as possible, membership will represent all staffing groups and all three campuses.
  • The committee will have approximately 7 members but this is subject to change annually due to volunteer availability.
  • Members will serve (1) year terms and be guided by the Terms of Reference.
  • The previous year's committee will act as consultants to the sitting committee to answer questions related to process, decision making, storage of documents, etc.

Decision Making

  • Committee members will score each nomination individually using the scoring rubric.
  • Once individual scoring is complete, committee members will meet to compare scores, discuss decisions, reach consensus, and decide on award recipients.
  • Committee members are responsible for disclosing any conflicts of interest.
  • In the event that a nominated team is from the same library as a committee member, the committee will adjust the scoring to account for this bias (e.g. the highest and lowest scores will be removed and an average score will be determined).

Dates and Deadlines

  • October - November - Committee Selection by Chief Librarian
  • November - April - Committee Meetings
  • May to June - Nomination Solicitation
  • June 15, 2018 - Nomination Form Submission Deadline
  • July - August - Evaluation
  • September - Evaluation Deadline
  • November - Presentation and Awards Ceremony