Awards FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        Who is eligible to submit a nomination?
A.        Anyone who works for the one of the libraries at U of T.

Q.       When it says UTL staff – does this mean just staff (union employees) or does it mean staff and librarians?  What is the definition of staff for these awards?
A.       "Staff" in this case means anyone who works for one of the libraries at U of T.

Q.        Who do we send our Nomination Form to?
A.        Completed Nomination Forms should be submitted by email to STAR Awards Committee Chair Daniela Ansovini at

Q.        How long should the project description be?
A.        A brief description of the project in 200 words is sufficient. Include the rationale and objectives. Assume that STAR committee members have no prior knowledge of your team's work.

Q.        If our project corresponds to more than two strategic priorities, should we list all of them?
A.       Limit it to the two that most strongly correlate with your project/initiative.

Q.       Are there any standard formatting guidelines for the letter of support?
A.       A single page, either in MS Word or PDF is preferred. The letter of support is essentially a reference letter addressed to the committee that vouches for the quality of the project/initiative and highlights its importance or impact.

Q.       Is there a file name convention for the submitted nomination forms?
A.       Not officially. Designating it with a title like "STAR-nomination-Your-department-here.docx" would be very helpful to the committee.

Q.       When will the awards reception take place?
A.       The Awards Reception will be held November 2nd, 2018. 

Q.       Doing a poster presentation at the awards reception may not be possible due to the time pressure on staff with already busy workloads. Would this affect the decision to nominate a team?
A.       The poster presentation is optional and does not affect the evaluation of the submission.