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Use the Space

The UX Lab is available to anyone in the U of T community: students, faculty, and staff. Contact us to discuss using the space. We can host your team's project, provide consultation on a project, or work with you to provide UX services. 

Lab capacity is 10 seats. Lab staff can provide basic instruction on how to use equipment and software. Study design, research integrity, and data management are the responsibility of the researcher. 


  • One-on-one usability testing (in person or remote)
  • UX research such as interviews, observations, survey creation and analysis, card sorting, and focus groups
  • UX consultations or project feedback with lab staff

We also have a small shelf of books on user experience topics and an online User Experience Toolkit.


  • MacBook Pro 13"
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 13" with pencil
  • iPad Pro with pencil
  • iPad
  • Large wall mounted screen
  • Large whiteboard
  • Voice recorder and headset
  • Camera stand
  • HDMI cables and Mac-friendly dongles
  • Tablet stand 
  • Adjustable raised laptop stand
  • Modular tables and seating

All equipment is for in lab use only.


Some software is only available when working with lab staff. Contact us for details.

Book the lab

The lab is available for usability testing, UX research, developing UX projects, or as a collaborative workspace. By appointment only.


We periodically offer small workshops introducing the concept of UX and how to conduct usability tests. 

Please check the workshop calendar for dates.