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Welcome to the UX Lab at Robarts Library

The UX Lab is the University's first space dedicated to studying and supporting User Experience (UX) research and design. The UX Lab is open to U of T students, staff, and faculty by appointment or during weekly drop in hours.

We offer UX-related services and support, on-site equipment, workshops, and collaborative workspace. View all our services.

What is UX?

UX is the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, often in terms of how simple or enjoyable it is to use. UX is also your end-user’s interaction with your organization: its brand, its product, and its services. User experience isn't only limited to interfaces or technologies, it can be anything and everything! How do you feel when you enter a physical space? Where can you find signs when you're lost? Do you have trouble navigating a space? These are all user experience related questions. 

Participate in UX research 

We're always looking for students to participate in usability tests and other user research. Sign up for the UTL UX Research Pool and we will contact you with opportunities to participate in future studies. Incentives will be provided for in person studies.

Visit the Lab

The Lab is currently closed. If you have questions, please contact the library.