Cash to card machines

Load your TCard or library card with funds for printing and photocopying online, or at a Guest Card & Cash Loading Station at Robarts Library or the Gerstein Science Information Centre.  

Payments accepted

  • Cash in the following denominations:  $5, $10, and $20.
  • Visa, Master Card, Amex and Interac


Library Location
Robarts 1st Floor - North Side
Gerstein Main Floor - Across from Short Term Loan

Guest print/copy cards

Guest print/copy cards are sold for $5.00 each and come with a pre-loaded value of $4.25. Once you have purchased the card, you can add value to it at any Guest Card & Cash Loading station.


  • Cards are the property of the issuer.
  • There is no refund on the unused amount left on the card.
  • There is no refund on the purchase of a Guest Card.
  • U of T is not responsible for pre-paid values on lost or stolen cards.
  • Pre-paid values on damaged cards will be refunded only if U of T can ascertain the value on the card prior to it being damaged.

Cash card services is governed by the university regulations set forth in official publications. Unauthorized use, alteration or duplication for fraudulent use will result in confiscation and/or disciplinary action. Any illegal use of the cards may lead to prosecution under the law.

Instructions are posted above all machines.  The university is not responsible for any user error.


To report a machine problem, contact the nearest service desk.