Wifi and computers

LIRA computers for visitors not currently available.

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On campus spaces & workstations

Saving files

  • Users must bring their own USB keys to save their files.
  • Files can be temporarily saved to the hard drive for emailing to yourself, or uploading to a remote location such as Quercus or the OneDrive storage available with UTmail+ accounts
  • Save your work frequently, and keep a backup copy of your work in a separate location – e.g., another USB key, a home computer.
  • All files on LIRA workstations are deleted regularly, so be sure to email them, upload them, or save them on your own storage device.
  • The Scotiabank Information Commons is not responsible for lost data caused by hardware or software failures.

 Wireless access

Remote Lab

This Information Commons service allows current students and faculty users to remotely access computers in Robarts Library – 1st floor, and in the Map & Data Library

Standard software such as Microsoft Office 365, and specialized software is available  – this set of FAQs describes the service and available software.

Off campus access to electronic resources

For current University of Toronto students, faculty, and staff:

  • For off campus access to licensed University of Toronto Libraries' electronic resources –– online journals, articles, e-books, and databases –– log in to LibrarySearch with your UTORid and password
  • Students, faculty and staff can also connect through UTORvpn
  • More information about off campus library access
  • When you are at another university, join the Eduroam wireless network if available, with your U of T credentials
  • Papers user? Set up your library proxy

There is no off-campus access to UTL licensed resources for alumni borrowers or other external borrowers.

 LIRA computers for library visitors

Robarts Library, Gerstein Science Information Centre, and other libraries maintain Library & Internet Resource Account (LIRA) workstations to allow library visitors to use our computers for academic research. 

––Last updated May 11, 2023