Copy, print, scan

Copying, printing, and scanning in Robarts Library is available from floors 1 – 5.

For similar facilities in other U of T libraries, please check their individual websites.

Copying and printing requires that you add funds to your TCard. More information about adding funds to cards. More information about costs for printing for different paper sizes.

Copy  Print  Scan  


Photocopying costs $0.10 per page. Find a photocopier in the central libraries.

You must comply with the Provost's Fair Dealing Guidelines when you photocopy copyright-protected works.


Most libraries have printers. Find a printer in the central libraries. Most libraries accept your TCard or guest print/copy card at a cost of $0.15 per page for a black and white page, and colour is $1 per page.

Send a document to the printers from one of the library's computers or from your laptop at selected locations. See also Printing tips.

  1. Choose Print from the File menu.
  2. Type a name for your print job in the dialog box that appears and click Print. Your job has now been entered in the print queue.
  3. Go to one of the print kiosk computers
  4.  Swipe your TCard or guest card through the print-release card reader.
  5. Select your print job from the list on the screen. The display will show the number of pages, the cost of printing it and the card balance.
  6. Click Print.
  7. If you are printing in colour, release your job from the computer immediately next to the colour printer you chose.

Double-sided printing

All computers at U of T Libraries are defaulted to print double-sided.

To change to single-side printing:

  • Click File > Print
  • Select the appropriate printer
  • Click Properties or Preferences depending on the program you are using
  • Click the Finishing tab
  • Under Document Options, change Print on Both Sides from Long Edge to Off.
  • Click OK
  • Review the rest of your printing options and click Print.


Scanning is free at most libraries.  You will need a USB key to scan. Find a scanner at one of the central libraries or check with individual libraries about where their scanners are located.

Scanning & copyright policy

It is illegal to scan any images or text that are not your personal intellectual property unless you have the express written consent of the owner of that property. It is the responsibility of the person scanning the images or text to obtain any required permissions.

See Copyright resources and links for more information.