Robarts Common

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image of the first floor of robarts common

Robarts Common adds new work and study spaces to Robarts Library. The five-storey wing—connected on floors 2 – 5 to the main Robarts Library building—is filled with natural light and comfortable seating, and has full internet connectivity, making it a great place for studying and collaborating.


seating in the robarts commons

There are 1,200 individual and group study spaces located in the Robarts Common. Many seating configurations are available, all with power outlets close at hand.

Connections from the main Robarts Library building to the Common are:

  • 2nd floor: Food Court, by the south end of Starbucks
  • 3rd floor: Through the Media Commons
  • 4th floor: Through the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation
  • 5th floor: Through the Map & Data Library

Washrooms and water fountains are located on all floors.

Group study rooms

image of the door of a group study room

Eight bookable group study rooms are available on each of floors 2 – 5, and have capacities ranging from 3 – 10 people per room. 

wheelchair icon Labeled rooms are wheelchair-accessible and close to the elevators.

All rooms are equipped with:

  • Power outlets
  • A TV screen
  • An HDMI connector
  • A USB connector
  • USB charging ports
  • Dimmable lighting


multilevel view of robarts common with stairs, tall seating and bucket seating

There is a black & white printer on the second floor. Printing details can be found here.

Copying and scanning are available elsewhere in Robarts Library.