Can I use LibrarySearch to find articles in a specific journal?

Yes!  LibrarySearch makes it easy to search within a specific e-journal – either by 1) Searching for topics across all available issues, or 2) By browsing through years, volumes, issues.

1.  Search within the journal

  • First find the journal by its title
  • Look for the SEARCH INSIDE link on the left side of the journal's catalogue record.
  • This brings you to an area where you can enter keywords.
  • This example shows searching for the keyword covid-19 in the online version of Chronicle of Higher Education

screen capture showing how to look for articles within the Chronicle of Higher Education

2.  Browse through the journal by years, volumes, issues

  • Notice that there is a section showing FULL TEXT AVAILABILITY
  • You must be signed in to get to the fulltext articles.
  • This shows that we get content from 1999 – the previous month from the vendor, Education Source.
  • Clicking on the link for Education Source will take you to a browseable list of the journals in descending date order.

screenshot showing a list of issues of Chronicle of Higher Education journal

For more information on using all the many features and functions of LibrarySearch, have a look at this guide on using the new system.

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