How do I search by publisher name in LibrarySearch?

You can search for items by name of publisher in ADVANCED mode of library search, as in example 1.

You can also add other criteria to the search by selecting a date range, or searching for similar titles of books from one publisher, as in example 2.

Example 1: Searching for ALL items by an individual publisher

  • Drop down the field name menu to find PUBLISHER
  • Type in the name of the publisher.
  • Click on SEARCH

Results show books published by Tara Press in New Delhi.

From here you can use the filters on screen left to see ONLINE items only, or change the sort to newest first, or see what items by Tara Press are in Robarts stacks.

Example 2: Searching for SPECIFIC items available from a publisher

Oxford University Press publishes excellent handbooks in many subject areas, with titles following the form 'The Oxford handbook of [something]'. 

This is how to search for all Oxford University Press handbooks.

You can then filter to show only ONLINE items. Here are the first four results found by such a search.

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