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I found the book I want in the catalogue. Now how do I get it?

To find an item in a library, you need to know:

  • If the item is available. If it is, the item record will say Available. 
  • Which U of T library the item is in
  • The location of the item within the library.  Each library is organized differently, so ask a library staff member to direct you to the right location within the library.  Common locations include:
    • Stacks: the library’s main book shelves
    • Course Reserves: high-demand course readings that have short term loan periods, e.g. 3 hours
    • Reference: encyclopedias, dictionaries and other materials that must remain in the library
  • The call number. This is like the address of the book on the shelf. 

call number of available Robarts book circled

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