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What is a call number?

A call number is an address. It tells you where the book (or DVD or print Journal) is located within the library. A book’s call number appears in the University of Toronto Libraries library catalogue. In the library catalogue, the call number is written horizontally.

book call number

On the book spine, it appears vertically, making it easier to find a specific call number on the shelves. Each book (or other item) has its own unique call number, which is taped to the lower outside edge of the book’s spine.

LC Classification Subject Divisions

  • A - General Works
  • B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • C – History - Civilization
  • D - History – General (not U.S.)
  • E - U.S. History
  • F - U.S. Local History and Latin American History
  • G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  • H - Social Sciences
  • J - Political Science
  • K - Law
  • L - Education
  • M - Music
  • N - Fine Arts
  • P - Language & Literature
  • Q - Science
  • R - Medicine
  • S - Agriculture
  • T - Technology
  • U - Military Science
  • V - Naval Science
  • Z - Information Science

This entry has been adapted from this page by Mindy Thuna.

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