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Where can I lock and charge my laptop?

There are 5 self-charging laptop lockers available at the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library on the 8th floor of Robarts Library.  

Laptop charging locker in the East Asian Library

By using our laptop charging lockers, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. Liability: 

The Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library will not accept any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items caused by using the charging lockers.

2. Each locker has: 1 USB jack and 2 AC outlets. 

3. Charging cables: 

Charging cables are available for loan from the Robarts Library 1st floor loans desk.

4. Hours of use: lockers are available for use during the East Asian Library’s opening hours. They must be emptied before the library closes.

5. Eligibility: 

The charging lockers are available free of charge to any library user. A library card is not required.

6. What if I forget my 4-digit combination code?

You are responsible for remembering your 4-digit combination code to access the locker.

If you forget your code, submit the Laptop Charging Locker Problem form to the East Asian Library Loan Services Desk. Patrons must be present with Photo ID when devices are retrieved.

7. What if I leave my device in the locker overnight?

Lockers are cleared out every day before the library closes. Devices found left in the charging lockers will be treated as Lost & Found items and handed over to library security.

8. The Prime purpose of the lockers is to protect your laptops or other electronic devices. The following items MUST NOT be placed in the lockers:

  • Library materials;
  • Food or perishable items;
  • Illegal substances

9. Misuse or physical damage of the lockers may lead to disciplinary actions specified in the University of Toronto Library Conduct Regulations.

For clarification, questions or concerns, please contact Helen Tang (, Public Service Librarian. 

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