Why am I not able to request items online?

The request item button can only be used to:

  • Request that an item at one campus be transferred to another (St. George to UTM / UTSC, for example).  It is not possible to request that an item at one library on the St. George Campus be transferred to another St. George library.
  • Place a hold on an item that is already checked out.  If the item is available, it cannot be requested.
  • Request an item from one of our storage facilities.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to request items through the catalogue.  The most common reasons are:

  • The item is available (i.e. has not been checked out).
  • The item is available at another library on your home campus.
  • Your library membership does not include the ability to request items (the Alumni Reader card, for example)
  • The item is a reference item that cannot be borrowed.
  • The item is "on order" or "received", but has not available for check-out yet.


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