Why isn't a recent U of T thesis showing up in TSpace?

Theses produced since 2009 as part the School of Graduate Studies' program requirements for Masters and PhD programs are included in TSpace, the University of Toronto's research repository.  

If you can't find a thesis, there could be a few reasons:

1. It is actually there

Try searching the thesis using different information.  If you tried searching by the author's name, try by the title of the thesis (and vice versa). Also double check that you have the correct thesis title and correct spelling of the author's name.

You could also browse through the list of School of Graduate Studies theses.

2. It wasn't part of the School of Graduate Studies' program requirements

Some graduate programs have research projects that are similar to formal theses, but not part of the School of Graduate Studies' program requirements.  These works can be included in TSpace, but aren't included by default.

3. It's too recent

Theses normally appear in TSpace five to six weeks after the author has convocated.

4. It's embargoed

This happens when the author requests to delay the release of their thesis in TSpace, usually because they are getting ready to publish their work in another medium.

If none of the above solved it, please contact us at TSpace@library.utoronto.ca

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