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Instructor information

Students applying for the Showcase Your Work: Libraries Graduate Student Exhibition Competition require sponsorship from their supervisor or a course instructor.

In preparing their online application, students will be required to submit a signed letter of support from their supervisor/instructor.

To assist with this letter, please include your student's name, your name, and course code, and consider the following questions:

1. How did the student's use of information sources (print and/or online resources) contribute to an exceptional paper or project?

2. Did the student locate most of the key resources for this topic? Please explain.

3. How did the student use the sources within the assignment in an effective and innovative manner?

Submissions will be judged based on how well students demonstrate:

  • Use of resources and/or services (library or information-related) the students use during the research or information-seeking process (variety of materials, consultation with library staff, etc.)

  • Quality of content based on subject expertise of related faculty/librarians/archivists (e.g.historical, scientific, cultural)

  • Clarity of concept (research, originality)

  • Design & creativity (with regards to the exhibit case's visual organization and presentation)

  • Other (timeliness, broad interest to U of T community)

In judging the prize, the primary focus will be on the evidence of the student’s research process, choice, use and application of sources, approach to visual presentation of project content, and personal learning, which will be summarized in the reflective statement. Consideration of the product of research, while significant, will be secondary.

If your student submits a winning entry, you will be invited to attend a prize ceremony in January 2020 and speak about your student and the project.

The submission period for the 2019 competition has closed. Thank you for your interest.