Guide to Library Course Readings Services

To: All University of Toronto Faculty

From: Larry P. Alford, Chief Librarian

Date: December 16, 2013

Re: Guide to Library Course Readings Services


Please read the December 11th P, D, AD & C Memo: Access Copyright Negotiations, which describes the conclusion of our negotiations with Access Copyright and, despite our best efforts, our inability to secure a license at a reasonable price. As you may know, staff across the library system have been actively preparing for the possibility of operating without an Access Copyright license as described in more detail in this memorandum.

Copyrighted materials are used in teaching, scholarship, and private study at the University of Toronto in several ways, one of which, our license with Access Copyright, will no longer be available to us. We still have a vast collection of purchased and licensed content, which can be accessed through our Library Catalogue. Additionally, we use materials under fair dealing, a right granted to users through Canadian copyright law; in order to help faculty, staff, and students make fair dealing determinations, the University of Toronto has created a set of Fair Dealing Guidelines. Also, we may make use of public domain, open access, and other content with no copyright restrictions. Finally, the library is prepared to assist where needed with securing permissions and paying royalties if material is not already licensed or cannot be used under Canadian copyright law without payment of royalties.

To help our university community best make use of these resources, the university, through the library, will be offering increased e-reserve and course readings creation services. We encourage faculty to make use of these services. In order to do so, interested faculty should send their required readings with citation information to the contact name provided on the library’s course reserves website for the campus on which the course is taught:

Our staff will work with you to responsibly link, download, or license the materials you require. Please note, that given the potential demand for the service, we suggest you send your lists as soon as possible.

In addition, we request that you follow the procedures laid out in the November 5th P, D, AD & C Memo: Status of Negotiations with Access Copyright. This memo contains a brief process which we ask you to follow to ensure that all Access Copyright repertoire material is removed from our systems.

Finally, we encourage you to make use of our existing resources. We are rolling out a web presence for the University of Toronto Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office. On this page there are many useful copyright resources, including the very in-depth Copyright FAQ, the Fair Dealing Guidelines, and the Copyright Roadmap, a step-by-step guide for navigating copyright issues. This site will also provide more detailed instruction on the use of the Library Course Reserve and Readings Service. If you need a specific question answered, please do not hesitate to contact Bobby Glushko, our Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian, at, or our copyright help service at